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@  dethhhp : (Today, 13:01) S>>http://mu.bless.gs/i...on&serv=server2 +Empire DM Set L 13 = PP PM
@  -Z-L-O- : (Today, 12:57) @Likepta Случилось что?
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@  Likepta : (Today, 12:43) SHAN esti ?
@  Likepta : (Today, 12:43) qq all
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[Extreme]S>Grand Master 4 Grand Resets 215 Resets 264 Quests
[Prime]S>Soul Master 4 Resets 1 Level 90 Quests
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@  -Z-L-O- : (Today, 12:07)

]S> Guardian Shield +13+all Orion = PP / Bon Titan
]S> Great Scepter +12+all (All options) Titan Bon

@  Banana*Inspi... : (Today, 11:50) T>345 чистых на боны Феникс
@  TomorrowlanD : (Today, 11:39) http://forum.bless.g...e=5#entry507057
@  -DiveRSanTka- : (Today, 11:35) @TomorrowlanD :D :D :D
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@  Faai-pro : (Today, 10:18) T>> 1k PP = 2k bon (Titan )
@  ddron : (Today, 10:10) S> 9800 pp skayp dron148890
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Bless Titan x30 - Description

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 18:19



Bless Titan x30 - Moderate Low Rate Server - 35 resets available, but the character progression will occur fairly quickly, the hardest work will be on the last 5 resets. Every 5 resets the player will receive a reward in the form of game currency - bonuses. The absence of uber-PvP items and a balance adapted for a certain amount of stats. Lovers of both, low and medium rates will enjoy this server. 

Special attention has been given to PvE part of the game. Everything, beginning with starting shops, NPC locations, first monsters, spots, varied and accessible drop. Quest system that is literally carrying you around the whole MuOnline continent. Maximally friendly game world, where you will never be able to get bored. 
The server has implemented consecutive in-game quest system. You can read more about it here. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing the quest system is about 12 000. Stat points obtained in the quest system; do not burn with the resets, that means, the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes.
Dynamic experience system - reduces players experience as they move on resets. Principle is – the stronger you get, the harder it becomes leveling your character. But at the same time, with each reset together with a decrease in the amount of experience, the amount of received stat-points and bonuses is increased. Therefore, each following reset becomes more desirable and rewarding.



Resets - reset number
Points + - amount of additional stat points players will get at this reset
Total Points - amount of total points players will have at this reset
Experience - experience rates at this reset 

Bonuses - amount of Bonuses rewarded for this reset 



" Не важно сколько боссов ты убиваешь, важно как хорошо ты уворачиваешься от проходок. (с)"  сказания о Калимах



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