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@  Forza Napoli : (Today, 13:45) Sell stryker all 12
@  -Kung-Fu- : (Today, 13:43) T>Bon Inferno=Bon Legion (ПМ обсудим, меньше 4к бон не писать)
@  -enigma- : (Today, 13:06) @--LASKA-- Tyt ydevitel'nogo ne cho nety sedne Osada :D
@  -enigma- : (Today, 13:05) @--LASKA-- vchera je chto-to serverami proishodilo vot i pochinili :D
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@  --LASKA-- : (Today, 13:01) @-enigma- u menya towe samoe kvesti delala posmatrela aCP netu )
@  eXcIuSiVe : (Today, 13:01) тоже самое, еще со вчерашнего дня.
@  _CTaKaH_ : (Today, 13:01) такаяже хрень
@  -enigma- : (Today, 12:58) na saite pokazano chto est CP a v igre otkrivaew xShop pokazyet 0 CP chto za hren' ? znaet kto ?
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@  -enigma- : (Today, 12:57) Narod y vseh v igre pokazyet CP na perse ?
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@  -D1ngo- : (Today, 12:31) S>Gold fenrir
S>Imperial staf+15+all

@  -Kung-Fu- : (Today, 11:45) T>Bon Inferno=Bon Legion (ПМ обсудим, меньше 4к бон не писать)
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Some facts about us

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 04:48

Some facts about us: 

1. We are developing MuOnline servers since 2007. 
2. Over 5 years we are developing our own version of the game, based on Mu Online game server files.
3. We have full source client and server side of the game, in the result of that we can add everything we want to the game. 
4. Our version of the game don't have any analogs in the world. All new game content are developed by our game designers and programmers exclusively for our game only!
5. We don't make any wipes at all and we give 100 % guarantee for safety of your items from our way.
6. It means that you can play the game after 5 years and you can play with your own character, with his own items and achievements.


We are offering you:

1. Only for you several game worlds, with different types of difficulty (in future).
2. FULL HD game client, that don't have any analogs in the world.
3. Unique reset system, dynamic experience, builds and grand resets.
4. Consecutive quest system.
5. New maps, items and monsters.
6. Team Deathmatch event where you can get donate bonuses.
7. A lots of unique ratings to get donate bonuses.
8. In-game lottery system with very high prizes. 
9. Convenient web market of characters that you can sell for donate bonuses.
10. Online players support, which will always help you.
11. Administration for extra payment can get your lost items back, if it was your fault and only items that you bought from us.
12. Brand new buff, that buff have extra 400 levels of different stages, that improve your fighting abilities.
13. Unique achievements system, from that system you can get donate bonuses and improving you buff level.
14. Powerful protection from cheaters, best among other analogues.
15. Special multilevel system of ancient sets.
16. Web-market for selling and buying good for donate bonuses in-game currency.
17. Tax system, that allows to collect tribute for owners of LOT of all the trading on web-market.
18. Unique VIP server that gives the ability to achieve more in the shortest possible time.
19. More than 20 web services on the site.
20. More than 10 possible ways to get donate bonuses without donate.

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