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How to get bonuses without donate

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#1 Arturs Vesna

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Posted 13 May 2016 - 13:50

1) Vote and reward. Most important in voting that you have to vote every day for our server at the end of every month the top 50 voters get extra bonuses. 
2) Referral system. Of course there is referral system, invite your friends or any people by your link, that you can get in the account. 
3) Web-Market. Kill the boss or the golds to get box of kundum, get items with 2-3 options ( unique ) and just sell it on the web-market.
4) Events ( Quests ). You have to win the quests or some people might call it "Events" from senate team or the forum quests and if you win you get bonuses.
5) Lottery. We have unique lottery system in game and only for ~15 bonuses you might get very cool FO item or super prize.
6) TDM. Daily take part in the Team Deathmatch event that is in-game and every week top players get bonuses. 
7) LOT. Win the Castle Siege and get bonuses every day.
8) Characters market. We have unique characters market where you can sell your character for amount of bonuses you think your character worth. 
9) Top voters. Vote for the server every day and get extra bonuses. Rating resets once a month.
10) Top for going in to BC/CC/DS. Best characters that get most points in BC/DS/DS will get extra bonuses. Rating resets once a month.
11) Referral top. The best shills ( which referrals get the most resets ) will get the bonuses. Rating resets once a month.
12) Achievements. Complete achievements, get bonuses and achievements points to upgrade you buff.


This is the way to get bonuses without donate to the server, in future there would be more ways. Good luck in our Mu Online world!

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