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@  eXcIuSiVe : (Today, 17:30) eXcIuSiVe Buy/Trade/Sell Items
С полным ассортиментом предметов на сервере Extreme можно ознакомиться здесь!
@  lGlUlFl : (Today, 17:13) T>BB+14+all=Imperial staf+13++
T>2BB+14+all=Imperial staf+15 extrime serv
@  efim17sm : (Today, 17:10) S>T>630PP=predlozhenija Extreme(PM)
@  magshot91 : (Today, 17:07) S>DL(6)odetbiu Prime=bon ulu SM6+
@  Pigeon : (Today, 16:52) @CopyCat :face2:
@  CopyCat : (Today, 16:52) @Pigeon da uzh, spasibochki! prijatno, chert
@  Pigeon : (Today, 16:51) @CopyCat приятного аппетита :face3: наконец и я подготовилась к твоему обеду :me_gusta2:
@  CopyCat : (Today, 16:50) @ Pigeon : (Today, 17:44) тювике :trololo: :trollface: :trollface:
@  CopyCat : (Today, 16:49) @Pigeon @Extreme daa daaaa! I kofejushka tut zhe :please:
@  m1shanja : (Today, 16:49) Pigi Pigi Pigi :trollface:
@  andyz : (Today, 16:47) ясно спс
@  Pigeon : (Today, 16:46) @andyz ну смотрите, например человек хочет продать вам пачку блессов за 5 чистых бон. т.е он хочет получить 5 бон. выставив на сайт с учётом налога, пачка блессов будет стоить 6 бон.
@  andyz : (Today, 16:45) так это бонусы,только без налога?я так понял
@  Pigeon : (Today, 16:44) тювике :trololo:
@  Pigeon : (Today, 16:44) @andyz когда вы ставите вещь на рынок, то к той сумме, что вы ставите, добовляется ещё 16% налога сайта. та сумма, которая в результате получится на рынке это грязные, та, которую вы ставите изначально и получите - чистые
@  eXcIuSiVe : (Today, 16:44) eXcIuSiVe Buy/Trade/Sell Items
С полным ассортиментом предметов на сервере Extreme можно ознакомиться здесь!
@  Extreme : (Today, 16:43) @CopyCat я не тювике но думаю что в шоколаде :trollface:
@  Pigeon : (Today, 16:43) @CopyCat в шоколадке для кошариков :face3:
@  andyz : (Today, 16:43) объесните,продают за чистые,что такое чистые
@  CopyCat : (Today, 16:42) ugadaj v chjom u menja mosjka izmazana? :)

Help Topic: Member List

The member list, accessed via the 'Members' link at the top of each page, is basically a listing of all of the members that have registered on the board.

Basic Search
If you'd like to search for a particular member by name, you can type in the name of the member in the far left field. 'Begin With' will search for members beginning with the letters typed in the search, while 'Contain' will search for names containing the characters.

If you'd like to only search for members that have a photo in their profile, check the "Must have a photo" box. You can also narrow your search down to a user's gender and their minimum rating.

Advanced Search
By clicking on the "Toggle More Options..." button, you can display more fields in order to search for members.

Home Page Contains: This field will search for the entered text within the contents of a user's home page fields.

Signature Contains: Similar to Home Page Contains, this will search the signatures of users instead.

Messengers: In this area, you can search for particular screen names for the dominant instant messaging clients.

Post & Date Ranges: This area will allow you to narrow down your search to particular posting and other date information, such as users that have joined after a certain date, or users that have more than a certain number of posts.

Just below the search area is a set of fields to sort your results. You can choose a particular group (or All Members) in the first field, then sort those by Name, Posts, Joined Date, or Rating (if enabled) in either Ascending (A-Z) or Descending (Z-A) order. The final field will control how many users are displayed per page.

Member Listing
At the bottom are the profile cards for members matching your search. These will display a basic summary of the user, as well as their photo if they have one. By clicking on the user's photo or name, you can choose to view their full profile, add them as a friend, send them a message, or find their posts.