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@  Extreme : (Today, 18:25)

@-Doctor- посмотри тут

@  -Doctor- : (Today, 18:23) @Extreme a vhto ya ne smogu peredat ?:)
@  Extreme : (Today, 18:22) @-Doctor- да сможешь
@  Extreme : (Today, 18:21) @-Doctor- привет ;)
@  -Doctor- : (Today, 18:21) @Extreme esli ya vkluchu bezoposnij rezim ya nles ii soul cherez trade smogu peredat voobwe??
@  -Doctor- : (Today, 18:21) @Extreme Dima privet:)
@  Extreme : (Today, 18:20) тест время
@  0506890225 : (Today, 18:18) @Angel_A ты видела как емаилы вопще востанавлюютса?))
@  Extreme : (Today, 18:18)

Последний ребус на сегодня - тут

@  0506890225 : (Today, 18:15) @Angel_A а ка быть второму лицу админестрацыя маил ру не верньот ему емаил так как я есть изначальным владельцем а он нет
@  Angel_A : (Today, 18:08) @0506890225 ?
@  0506890225 : (Today, 18:07) ангел
@  ak47-33 : (Today, 18:06) кому?
@  Angel_A : (Today, 18:05) хорошо, напишу Эмпу
@  Unholy777 : (Today, 18:05) http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=44760 подтвердите
@  dimbass666 : (Today, 18:04) ja kidal guildu Pycckux/master Sepuku
@  ak47-33 : (Today, 18:04) nick Sepuku
@  ak47-33 : (Today, 18:04) T
@  ak47-33 : (Today, 18:04) latinskimi bukvami
@  ak47-33 : (Today, 18:03) Pycckux


[23.12.2016] - Lords of Bless Arena and Guild Buff

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 13:03

The testing period of our new permanent event - Lords of Bless Arena, has started on all our servers. More information about this event can be found here.

From this moment on, Guild Buff won't work in the locations Duel Arena and Chaos Castle. In the future you should await changes to the buff itself and how it is divided between the guild members. Our goal is to not have top-guilds full with unactive players. Our vision for the future is to create a system that would allow for more guilds to be contenders for the throne and to therefore stop this trend of the server being ruled by 2 supper-alliances. The guild tribute system will also be re-worked in order to make this possible.

A new command is now available to change the party leader: /partyleader . It can be used by the current party leader. Also, it has been brought to our attention that the experience gain in Gold Party is wrong in some certain conditions, thanks to those who found this problem and insisted on their rights for correct experience. This will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

We've updated our defense against hit-hacks. It is now impossible to send multiple hits to your opponent or to attack him while you're dead. 

Also, we have noticed that very few spectators are watching duels or football matches. So we have added announcements on start of duels, guild wars and football. 

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