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@  Tapantino : (Today, 02:49) S>4wing+12 luck hp bk,pvp ring,shadowmere,(solay all+13,230 4ict)
@  -Summit- : (Today, 02:23) :surprised-cat-gasp:
@  dizel2 : (Today, 01:22) Andrjuxa akter esli uvidesh napishi mne na starij nomer vaiber ili watsap
@  mel_vladl : (Today, 00:37) сам нашёл, спасибо.
@  mel_vladl : (Today, 00:06) @Angel_A привет, дай ссылку пожалуйста на форум, про анти-лаг патч для MuOnline?
@  Tapantino : (Yesterday, 22:39) http://forum.bless.g...e=3#entry500381
@  madZzy : (Yesterday, 22:23) @madZzy смотри в вк
@  madZzy : (Yesterday, 22:23) @-Schokk- тоже самое но на этот раз он собирает кое что другое :ь
@  -Schokk- : (Yesterday, 22:21) @madZzy незнаю какие ) вечно после 20+ раз он в дев оказывается ))))
@  madZzy : (Yesterday, 22:02) @-Schokk- че за камни?)
@  -Schokk- : (Yesterday, 21:58) @madZzy пускай камни соберет потом )))
@  madZzy : (Yesterday, 21:58) @-Schokk- я тут нашего общего друга нашел))) не хочешь его пофармить? :trollface:
@  Tapantino : (Yesterday, 21:53) http://forum.bless.g...e=3#entry500381
@  -Schokk- : (Yesterday, 21:52) @grand :trollface:
@  grand : (Yesterday, 21:52) @-Schokk-, значит не только географию :trollface:
@  -Schokk- : (Yesterday, 21:51) @grand слишком много ошибок в последнее время :trollface:
@  grand : (Yesterday, 21:51) Спасибо, служба поддержки отправит двоечника учить географию.
@  -Schokk- : (Yesterday, 21:51) @Angel_A ;)
@  Angel_A : (Yesterday, 21:49) @-Schokk- я ему передам)
@  -Schokk- : (Yesterday, 21:49) @Angel_A ну бывает ) просто на заметку чтоб не ошибались ;) GL


Lords of Bless Arena

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Posted 08 December 2016 - 23:33

Lords of Bless Arena – our permanent event for guild, which concetrates on killing bosses specifically in Bless Arena. As the TDM event, this event is only active on the regular server and not on VIP.
Fighting for bosses allows guilds to earn special points which will incerase their guild buff and will allow to earn prizes for winning the weekly ratings. The points are accumulated during the week and increase the guild buff for that specific week. Every Monday, after the Castle Siege, the points are being reset and the Guild Masters of the winning guilds receive the prizes.
The power of all the bosses during this event is significantly increased compared to their regular versions. Even Fortune Pouch can last a few hits from the top players and Asteroth will be a challenge even for the strongest guilds.
Each boss will respawn with a global message: “Bali will emerge in Bless Arena in 3 minutes!”. This will allow all the players to participate in the fight for each and every boss. 
The amount off increase in guild buff is calculated : Guild buff = Points / 2. 

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