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How to earn bonuses without donate.

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Posted 21 February 2016 - 04:04

Hello everybody. It was a boring evening and i decided to translate guide "How to earn bonuses" without spending real money. I hope you`ll find it helpful. So here we go!

  1.  Vote. The most importnat thing is voting for our favorite Mu Online server. You can vote once a day. Each vote gives you 4 bonuses.
  2.  Referals. Invite your friends and you both will recieve bouses, when the referal gains certain reset.
  3.  Web-Market. Kill Golden monsters during Golden Invasion and drop Box of Kundums +X. To succesfully sell an item in web, it has to have +Luck +Damage Decrease options(if it is an armor, helm, boots, gloves, pants) or +Luck +Excellent damage rate(if it is a weapon) at least. But if you are lucky person - try to sell items without this two options.
  4.  Quests. Win quests from BlessGM and you will recieve 15bonuses for the every win. 
  5.  Lottery. You can buy a lottery ticket for 25 bonuses and win the best items in game. But, it is a lottery, like in real life you have to be very lucky :) Reasonable to buy at least 10 tickets.
  6.  Team Death Match Event. Participate in TDM event everyday and you will recieve bonuses every week(if you have at least 1 win).
  7.  Castle Seige. If you succesfully captured the castle you will recieve certain % from all of the operations in web-market.
  8.  Character market. You can sell your characters for bonuses.
  9.  Vote rating. Vote every day and you will recieve additional bonuses every motnh!
  10.  Raitings for Blood Castle(7), Devil Square(6), Chaos Castle(6). For Blood castle you have to visit it and wait until start only. You`ll gain 1 point for that in raiting table. For Devis Square you have to kill as many monsters, as possible. More killef monsters = more points. In Chaos Castle you have to win. Each win will give 1 point in rating.
  11.  Referal Rating. The more your referals make resets - the more bonuses you will gain at the end of the month(check the rating table).
  12.  Achievments. Complete achievments to recieve bonuses and Personal Buff.

As you see, there are a lot of ways to earn bonuses without spending your own money. Soon more ways will be added! Stay in focus!

Guide was written by Артемий Шан 

Translated and reworked by Hexoral14

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