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@  10002357 : (Today, 00:25) Posted Image
@  Ж c0L0pucT Ж : (Today, 00:24) а где моЄ сообщение ?
@  Morte` : (Today, 00:23) предлагаю ей просто забанить чат на форуме, и все)
@  Ж c0L0pucT Ж : (Today, 00:23) @Ty3ak „≈ такое ƒимон ?
@  Ty3ak : (Today, 00:21) мда, нет слов...
@  10002357 : (Today, 00:21) ќо
@  HarleYQuiNN : (Today, 00:21) @Ж c0L0pucT Ж emm gde? mi s Morte o dome 2, tam ne4ego niti)
@  Ж c0L0pucT Ж : (Today, 00:21) @HarleYQuiNN всмысле ? у мен€ норм чат
@  Ж c0L0pucT Ж : (Today, 00:20) @HarleYQuiNN ’ватит ныть )
@  HarleYQuiNN : (Today, 00:20) @Ж c0L0pucT Ж ti polomal 4at!
@  HarleYQuiNN : (Today, 00:20) @Ж c0L0pucT Ж hvatit dom 2 smotreti?)
@  Ж c0L0pucT Ж : (Today, 00:19)

маша хватит

@  Ж c0L0pucT Ж : (Today, 00:17) :trollface: :trollface: :trollface:
@  Morte` : (Today, 00:17)

@HarleYQuiNN  :facepalm:

@  Ж c0L0pucT Ж : (Today, 00:17) Miss Piggy )
@  HarleYQuiNN : (Today, 00:16)

tam esti devo4ka novaia Masha, tak vigliadit ona to4no vot tak Posted Image

@  Morte` : (Today, 00:12) @HarleYQuiNN помнишь, помнишь
@  HarleYQuiNN : (Today, 00:11) @Morte` a ti pooomnish)
@  Morte` : (Today, 00:10) @HarleYQuiNN
совсем расслабились на орионе, дом 2 отдыхает :D
@  HarleYQuiNN : (Today, 00:10) @Morte` eto pro menia)


[12.07.2016] - Disconnect function and other fixes

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Posted 12 July 2016 - 05:25

Website now features a safe game account disconnect function. It is useful in cases when you left the game client on other computer, for example, at work, and cannot log in to your character from another computer. Cost of this service is 10 bonuses. We would also like to remind you that your account cannot freeze in the game in any way. If you see the message - Account is already connected, this can only mean that your account is online on some computer somewhere else.

Expansion of guild management capabilities. Assistant GM now can accept new members into guild. Currently it works using the command /guild, but in the next update, it will work using the client interface.

Fixed a problem with Refining Stones and +14 +15 items. Now you will be unable to accidently downgrade the maximum possible Harmony upgrade. As well, an issue where items with +11 upgrade level and above could downgrade to +6 is now corrected.

Kalima map can no longer be used in Devias, in order to stop temptation to block access bridges during the events. Also removed restriction to attack characters below level 6. This feature in fact was no longer relevant, and only created opportunities for various fraudulent manipulations.

Protection from using macros for kill achievement in Bless Arena. Now with the death in BA PvP zone there is a small chance that you will be teleported to Devias.

Owners of VIP accounts can now take Elf Soldier Buff up to the 300 level.

The next update will have mandatory fix of a hanging after death in Chaos Castle bug.

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