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@  CAMOCBAJI : (Today, 00:51) http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=44925
@  -*RAMPAGE*- : (Today, 00:24) @-Z-L-O- ну ладно
@  -Z-L-O- : (Yesterday, 23:59) @-*RAMPAGE*- да я отходил. но уже спать собираюсь)
@  -*RAMPAGE*- : (Yesterday, 23:42) зло пм)
@  -Z-L-O- : (Yesterday, 23:23) @m1shanja Привет.
@  -aelius- : (Yesterday, 23:05) @arct1c skoree vsego kto-to zanjal tvoe mesto)
@  m1shanja : (Yesterday, 22:58) @-Z-L-O- qq
@  TomorrowlanD : (Yesterday, 22:55) Sell pvp pend wind 14
@  -Z-L-O- : (Yesterday, 22:52) @arct1c В бц вроде должно в начало БЦ кидать. Но если реконнект. а вы пишете Дисконнект.
@  arct1c : (Yesterday, 22:32) Народ, это норма что в бц дисконнект на 10 сек и кидает в лору?
@  arct1c : (Yesterday, 22:05) Vadim22030 ept, login kakoj bil u tebja?
@  arct1c : (Yesterday, 21:57) vadim2203 tut?
@  -Rocket- : (Yesterday, 21:24) S>>> PP = Bon Prime PM
@  TomorrowlanD : (Yesterday, 20:38) Sell pvp ring ice 13 14 PvP sunlight set 15 PvP pend wind 14 15
@  TomorrowlanD : (Yesterday, 20:38) @--Focus-- 150 дам
@  -BierKill- : (Yesterday, 19:52) http://forum.bless.g...895#entry531085
@  --Focus-- : (Yesterday, 19:49) S>> Imp staf+12+all (520 bon cro4no) Extreme
@  -Spoon- : (Yesterday, 19:32) B>> Gold Fen ! Legion
@  kateyko : (Yesterday, 19:06) vo skolko sevodn9 TDM na novyse?
@  -Rocket- : (Yesterday, 18:52) S>>> PP = Bon Prime PM


Rules for screenshots / videos

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Posted 20 April 2016 - 13:00

* The name of the topic specifies the server what point the Rules violated and the violator nickname.
* Next, fill in the questionnaire on the following pattern:
1. My nickname: -Lacri-
2. The game server: x100 Orion
3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2
4. Name the offender: (making a reference to the character, as shown in the example !!) example: Puer
5. Proof: (Screenshot / Video) 
It is possible to fill in on such hosts: radikal.ru  bildites.lv and others. The administration won't download screens from file hosting services or to consider incorrect references, and also screens of the small size.
* If rules of a forum in some of subjects are violated and senators haven't noticed, address any senator in PM or create a subject in prison, usually, if it insults in PM.
* Terms and conditions for the screenshot:
1. Nothing should be smeared or sliced.
2. The conversation should be fully opened (hot key F4 - chat is not open fully). Examples of screenshots - Here.
4. On the screen should be visible time and date.
5. Shelf life Screenshot'a 3 days.
6. Screenshot should be read.
* Conditions to video:
1. In case the player with suspicion on automatic selection (2.1) is photographed, on video it has to be visible at least 3 in a row the lifted heaps of Zen.
1.2. In case the player with suspicion on automatic selection (2.1) is photographed, on video of the operator the F2 key shouldn't be clamped, there has to be viden:post, an experience and the lifted things (yellow and blue inscriptions).
2. In case the player with suspicion on use of any other forbidden program, or behind use of a game bug is photographed, on video all factors which can objectively let know all situation have to be photographed.
3. Video expiration date 1 week.
4. At the end of video you have to press the PrintScreen key that in game date and time of record of video has emerged.
Вuring creation of separate subjects in the section "Prison", it is allowed to write in these subjects to those who is involved in this subject, her founder, senators and the head of prison or his deputy. Punishment for non-compliance with this rule RO at a forum from 1 to 3 days (to the discretion of Administration)
How to open completely a chat:
1) Press Enter.
2) Further we press F5 or the Chat window background On/Off button (in our case it has to become dark color).
3) Further we press F4 or the Size Adjustment button (for registration of the application the chat has to be completely open)
4) Then we press Enter again, the chat at us is completely open.
To date a screen:
1. Press the button "O" in game and the plate will appear.
2. Put a tick on "Show system message" 
And at you will fix date when pressing the Prt Scn button.
As the screenshot has to look

On all screenshots there has to be a FRAME of an open chat as it is shown on an example and it is obligatory.
No frame - No ban!

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