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@  Forza Napoli : (Today, 19:09) Sell 4 wingi all 14 dl dk elf extreme
@  Galoperidol : (Today, 19:05) @ -Dikman- да, в машине их можно на всегда отключить.
@  -Dikman- : (Today, 18:39) wingi kakto v igre mogno otkly4it'?))
@  -Dikman- : (Today, 18:39) narod
@  Raguel : (Today, 17:41) T>PvP Fire Ring+15= PvP Wind+13
@  Raguel : (Today, 17:29) T>PvP Fire Ring+15= PvP Wind+13
@  WildeN` : (Today, 15:51) B> Wings of conqueror+13+ALL (Extreme)
@  Raguel : (Today, 14:51) T>PvP Fire Ring+15= PvP Wind+13
@  --Unusual- : (Today, 14:18) @-Ard0s- v tom samom :D
@  -Ard0s- : (Today, 13:41) @--Unusual- в смысле ?
@  CAMOCBAJI : (Today, 13:24) http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=46139
@  -Xenomorph- : (Today, 13:13) http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=46943
@  --Unusual- : (Today, 13:04) @-Ard0s- snova hoch menai zabanit' ? :(
@  -Ard0s- : (Today, 13:00) есть сенат?
@  Vigolo Vattaro : (Today, 12:31) Sell pvp ring ice 13
@  -MrCrazy- : (Today, 11:32) @Schokk` Скучный ты
@  Schokk` : (Today, 11:26) @-MrCrazy- не оценил
@  -Xenomorph- : (Today, 11:25) http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=46943
@  -MrCrazy- : (Today, 11:23) @Schokk` Как серьезный, тебе с твоей серьезностью в пасьянс «Косынка» играть надо ;)
@  eXcIuSiVe : (Today, 11:18) Собственно, опросов нужно было делать несколько :D


Safety of your accounts

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 06:55

MuBless - a unique virtual world, with its own laws and regulations. Players spend a lot of time in it, experiencing a life full of joy and emotions. For many, it becomes a second home. Here you will find not only a variety of ways to express yourself, but also make new friends and possibly enemies! As in any world, there are liars and scammers in muonline. You may have to face such people, so keep in mind for yourself a few basic rules that will not allow you to fall for their tricks.


There are people who are planning to steal characters. In various ways they find out the password for your account, get into it using your username and password, then changing your password, and transfer all your bonuses and items to other players.


Rule 1: The password should be difficult.


Never, nowhere (this applies not only to our project) do not make simple passwords like "123", "12345", "qwe", "qwer", "asd", "zzz", etc. Never make the password your name or birthday! Such passwords are easy to pick up. Passwords must be complex enough to make it impossible to pick up the basic way and at the same time must be easy to remember, so you do not forget it.


Rule 2: Never, under any circumstances, do not tell anyone your password for your account!


Some players pretend to be representatives of the administration or the game masters and under various pretexts (as far as the imagination), asking to provide your password. Under any circumstances do not tell your password!


Or, for example, you will receive a letter:


Due to failure occurred in the database on the server, some accounts
of players have been messed up and we are not able to ascertain its owner.
To confirm ownership of your character at mubless you should
fill in the registration form, enclosed to the letter.


Complete nonsense! Never, nowhere, in any questionnaire or registration card do not write your username and password! GMs, or administration does not need to know your password. All this is done by dishonest players only to find out your password and steal your honestly earned bonuses and items.


Rule 3. Never use the same password to access different resources.


If you are offered to go to a new website dedicated to some Mu Online, or "chat room, where Lord Kundun himself answers your questions", or the website of a new super-duper-mega game where you need to register, do not write your login and password from mu.bless! If you want somewhere to register, create a new login and password, but never use the same password to access different RESOURCES, this rule will greatly help you in life.


Rule 4: Enter your login / password only on mu.bless.gs


If you receive a link to some website www.tommy- sommy.somewhere-on.some.free.hosting.com with the words "Here are super cheats for MU!" or "Free bonuses for mu.bless!" etc. etc. And by going there, you need to enter your login and password from mu.bless, to supposedly receive freebies or something, BE AWARE – that is just another "fishing" for passwords. As soon as you will enter your username and password, you can say goodbye to your character, in which so much effort, time and money has been invested. Never, nowhere, do not enter your login / password from your account (only mu.bless.gs) Never, under any pretext, even if a project director himself will come down from skies to you, with a nimbus over his head and under the fear of death will require your password, be silent like "a fish", Remember, in 99.9% of cases of character hacks, it is the owners fault.


Rule 5: Do not run any unapproved programs on your computer.


In the game someone can offer you to buy, or send you for free some sort of program that ... (there are many options, it all depends on the imagination of scammer) in general, will make you a mountains of gold. Do not run these programs on your computer! Most of them - are Trojans (allowing to obtain unauthorized access to your computer, or just steal your passwords), or viruses that perform destructive actions. The same rule applies to the different programs that come to you by e-mail.


Rule 6: Do not use unapproved mail servers.


Mail on such servers is very easily hackable if you registered such an email to your account and the hacker discovers it, then you will quickly lose your character.

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