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@  -Elina- : (Today, 12:17) @Arturs Vesna палдиес :) ун юмс :happy: @Pigeon :D
@  TomorrowlanD : (Today, 11:55) Sell pvp ring ice 13 14 PvP sunlight set 15 PvP pend wind 14 15
@  Term : (Today, 11:39) B> fire pend+all = bon/pp (Legion)
@  Pigeon : (Today, 11:23) @Arturs Vesna и вам хорошего яного дня :D
@  Arturs Vesna : (Today, 11:12) Priecigus Ligo svetkus visiem! :)
@  Rand Al'... : (Today, 10:56) на сайте появилась услуга крафт вещей. когда запустят?
@  CAMOCBAJI : (Today, 10:24) http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=44925
@  -Robot : (Today, 09:58) ili beri hyon sword, bow gywen
@  Rubick : (Today, 09:44) @Rubick ne pomnyu, po skol'ko % daet, no s 3 ali black+9+16 vrode idet 47
@  Rubick : (Today, 09:44) @>>DuMaC<< ne beri top, esli hochesh bol'shoj procent, mozhesh pokupat' uzhe zatochennyj ali black dragon
@  Rubick : (Today, 09:43) @Pigeon ne uspel
@  >>Du... : (Today, 09:30) 10 raz sgoralo iz hujon
@  Pigeon : (Today, 09:27) @>>DuMaC<< из хуёнов всяких варится сами видите как :D
@  Pigeon : (Today, 09:26) @>>DuMaC<< ну не топ, топ это ичер, игноред, майхем
@  >>Du... : (Today, 09:26) To estj nado bratj top anc vesh!?
@  >>Du... : (Today, 09:25) Rubick ja znaju u menja vchera 10 raz sgorelo zatochka i ja ushe rastroilsja
@  Pigeon : (Today, 09:24) @Rubick :)
@  Rubick : (Today, 09:24) 60% maksimum, nuzhny soul bundle 10x, creation, chaos, 2 wingi+9+16 zhelatel'no
@  Pigeon : (Today, 09:24) @>>DuMaC<< берите анц вещи повыше грейдом, дивайн, ашкроу, 2 вещи, +9 +16, должен быть более менее нормальный процент )
@  Pigeon : (Today, 09:23) @>>DuMaC<< максимальный процень 60, но и 60 не гарантируют 100% положительный результат варки. Можно и на 9% сварить, а можно и на 60% потерять камни и заточку )


[27.04.2016] - Lords, Crywolf and Battle Soccer

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Posted 27 April 2016 - 01:04

Great news for our Dark Lords – we have fixed the existing problems with Crown Switch on Castle Siege for this class. Now they can become legitimate lord-owners of the Valley of Loren castle. Moreover, let us not forget, that Dark Lord is the only character in the game that can have up to 80 people in his guild and claim the highest Guild Buff in the Game. In the future, we are going to further develop leadership qualities of this character.

The rule that forbids killing elves that are connected to the altar during Crywolf event is revoked. Instead, all incoming PvP damage to them is reduced by 90%, that makes killing elves on the altars a very challenging task. We are waiting for your suggestions on how the Cywolf Fortress status may affect the game world.

Good old Battle Soccer is finally back in the game. To challenge a guild to a soccer match you need to write a command /battlesoccer guildname. Only members that are in a party with a guild master will participate in match. Have fun!

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