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@  -Schokk- : (Today, 19:14) @Extreme так надо же писать по 1 слову , я и написал
@  Extreme : (Today, 19:13) @-Schokk- флуд
@  -Schokk- : (Today, 19:11) @Extreme почему опять удалил ?
@  ~DoZoR~ : (Today, 19:05) @Extreme Лень )))
@  Extreme : (Today, 19:01)

Квест: "Логика! ..." 16.01.2017 началась 2я часть квеста! Всем удачи! Закончится в 21.00!

@  -Schokk- : (Today, 18:55) @gradusnik nu za teba druqie eto sdelayut ) xota mne toje ne ponravilas eta obnova
@  gradusnik : (Today, 18:52) @-Schokk- cu teprj na rabotu ne hoditj boosov zdatj ili kak?
@  -Schokk- : (Today, 18:49) @gradusnik tak s bossov novix budet drop
@  gradusnik : (Today, 18:45) zabil dobavitj teperj esli drropa net v zamke nahera vawe et zamok
@  -Schokk- : (Today, 18:41) @Алиса :trollface2:
@  Алиса : (Today, 18:41) @-Schokk- ему* (т9 форевер) :D хватит пиарить прайм :fuuu:
@  Алиса : (Today, 18:39) @-Schokk- я те дам сейчас пинка, Орион дня не торт :trollface:
@  cyeta : (Today, 18:37) http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=43339
@  CAMOCBAJI : (Today, 18:36) http://forum.egames....820#entry846898
@  CAMOCBAJI : (Today, 18:36) S>42k бон грязи скорпиус = PP S>13k бона грязи Титан = PP
@  gradusnik : (Today, 18:33) prostite za flut nebudu flud razvivatj
@  -Schokk- : (Today, 18:31) @gradusnik orion uje ne tort :D
@  gradusnik : (Today, 18:24) ja orion forever ja potriot(no energija padaet)
@  gradusnik : (Today, 18:24) teperj vse novicjki vsem pof fse sozdeca dlja klanov
@  M0111ka : (Today, 18:24) b< plate items ref dd rate


Won a Quest, but haven't received bonuses?

Reward errors

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Posted 01 June 2016 - 06:55

This topic is provided for players who participated in quests, held by our GM’s, but unfortunately have not received their reward for winning the quests.


GM Arthur is responsible for deposits of bonuses.


To inform us that you have not received your bonuses, you need to reply to this topic using following form:

  1. Name the character
  2. Name of the server on which you have participated in the quest.
  3. Link from the forum topic where winners are announced (in event section).


Main reason why a mistake could happen is because; some of the nicknames of the players have a Capital “ i ” somewhere in the middle. For example: KilIeR – one of the “L” is a Capital “i”. So if you filling the form and you know you have a tricky letters in your nickname, please let us know.


Any flood in this topic will be punished with 1-3 days R.O.

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