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@  TomorrowlanD : (Today, 00:55) Ѕелка же ƒЋов опустил,вот и S>
@  TomorrowlanD : (Today, 00:54) S>Shadowmere pvp ring's ice+13,pvp pend wind+15,sunlight set pvp+15=bk
@  CAMOCBAJI : (Today, 00:28) S http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=44925
@  laco161kao : (Today, 00:25) –егайте рефов на новусе http://mu.bless.gs/?...referral=243532
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:22) ¬се € спать :)
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:21) я помню как ты рассказала всем сколько мне лет на самом деле ((
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:21) ѕора отомстить
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:20) @-Elina- это означает "laiks atriebties" рЯШВ
@  -Elina- : (Today, 00:16) @Specnaz007 гуглтранслэйт, ай нид ю :please:
@  CAMOCBAJI : (Today, 00:16) S http://forum.bless.g...showtopic=44925
@  -Elina- : (Today, 00:15) @Specnaz007 не ты спать, а € спать. Ќе путайте :P
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:14) @-Elina- все € спать, не потраши мен€ во сне, Ћодна? ))
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:14) @-Elina- momento della vendetta :please:
@  -Elina- : (Today, 00:12) @Specnaz007 чш, не пали мен€)) или это месть?
@  -Elina- : (Today, 00:12) @Specnaz007 ћадагаскар. ќстров ћадагаскар.:)
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:11) @-Elina- "ќскар и розова€ дама" :trollface:
@  -Elina- : (Today, 00:10) @Specnaz007 €, вообще-то, Ћангедокска€ потрошительница :)
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:09) @-Elina- ”∆≈ ƒј¬Ќќ*
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:08) @-Elina- с US уже прилетел обратно в LV
@  Specnaz007 : (Today, 00:08) @-Elina- тогда где € живу? :blink:


Win-win Lottery

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#1 Arturs Vesna

Arturs Vesna

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 13:32

A win-win ingame lottery system. Every ticket will give you a prize. Prizes are divided into 6 groups. Each group contains a unique set of items. You have chance to win an item from any group. The better the items, the smaller is the chance of wining them.


Lottery tickets can be bought on the website in the Lottery Service. To use lottery, you to write /lottery command in game.


Group 1:

JACKPOT - the best prize you can get. Current Jackpot is Golden Fenrir c88b283767fea9d8d1a83afba4ecc019.jpg




Group 2:

Excellent Brave, Hades, Seraphim, Paewang, Destroy Set Parts +13 +Multiple Options +Luck

Excellent Flamberge, Imperial Staff, Albatross Bow, Stryker Scepter, Imperial Sword +12 +Multiple Options +Skill +Luck

Group 3:

Excellent Dark Phoenix, Dark Soul, Sylphid Ray, Dark Master, Volcano Set Parts +12 +Multiple Options +Luck

Excellent Lightning Sword, Grand Soul Staff, Arrow Viper Bow, Great Lord Scepter, Rune Blade +12 +Multiple Options +Skill +Luck

Group 4:

Excellent Bronze, Bone, Vine Set Parts +13 +Multiple Options +Luck

Jewel of Ancient Harmony

2000 Additional Stat Points

Group 5:
Boxes of Kundun +1+2+3+4+5

Jewel of Bless & Soul Bundles 10x

Group 6:

Jewels of Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos, Creation, Gemstone, LRS, HRS, Energy Fruits


All players receive presents when donating! Every time you transfer bonuses from web to server you receive Lottery tickets for the amount equal 10% of transfer amount. For example, for every 250 bonuses donated you will get 1 Lottery ticket, that costs 25 bonuses for free!


P.S: For us, the lottery is not profitable, because you get about 40% more than you give. But because it promotes trade between players and purchase bonuses + is a unique development among MU servers, we are satisfied with its loss-making for us! Good luck!




" Не важно сколько боссов ты убиваешь, важно как хорошо ты уворачиваешься от проходок. (с)"  сказания о Калимах



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