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4 level Wings & New Pets

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#1 Arturs Vesna

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 12:52

New Wings & Pets



New wings:


In total we have added 2 new types of wings, Wings of Conqueror and Wings of Devil & Angel.  Models of wings are taken from newer seasons, but additional effects are created from zero.


Wings of Conqueror are giving bonus to physical attacks and are intended for – BK, DL, ELF and Battle-MG characters.


Wings of Devil & Angel are giving bonus to magical attacks and are intended for – SM and Wizardy-MG characters.


To equip these wings you will need to have a 3rd profession, and a 300 level, regardless of the item level of the wings. By the way, MG is the only character that can wear both types of wings.


Stats for +0 -+15 wings & all of the possible additional options:






As well the new wings are increasing a movement speed of your character, for example:


  • Wings of Devil & Angel are faster than Wings of Space time.


  • Wings of Conqueror are slightly faster than Wings of Storm.

These wings can be created in chaos combination, for that you will need:


  • Any level3 wings +9 +add (Jewel of Life option)


  • 2x Feather of Condor


  • 2x Flame of Condor


  • 1x 30 Soul bundle


  • 1x 30 Bless bundle


  • 1 Jewel of Chaos


  • And 100kk Zen


Combination Success Rate is 50%, in case of failure you will lose all of the ingredients.


Upon successful combination probability of 1 additional option is as well 50%.




New Pets:


Demon and Spirit of Guardian, they are designed to be a decent replacement for a golden fenrir. Their stats are slightly higher and as well they aren’t limiting movements and mechanics of characters. You will be able to use all the skills including a combo. Same as with the wings, Demon is increasing physical attack and Spirit of Guardian is increasing magical attack.


Stats of new pets:







In addition the new pets are increasing the movement speed of the characters, even in safe zone. Combination Demon + Wings of Conqueror will give you the maximum possible movement speed in game. Pets don’t have any level restrictions.





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