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Квесты Prime 16.08.2018

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Bless Prime x10 - Description

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Arturs Vesna


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Posted 15 December 2016 - 14:59

Bless Prime x10 - The legendary super-low rate server is returning. One of the hardest Low Rate servers, what we have ever created. The server will be as close to x1 rate server as possible, which we have dreamed of for quite a while now. And because of this we are removing all set items from the shop on Prime. Yes, you heard it right, no more Helms, Armors, Pants, Gloves or Boots in the shop or the lottery. From now on you will have to collect sets only in-game – by fighting bosses and trading with other players. The demand for excellent items with the best possible options, on the market, will be crazy. This will spice up your desire to go to bosses, and just imagine the feeling after the you have collected the full set after a long time of farming. We have kept everything else – Weapons, Wings, Pets and Jewelery in the Shop, however the prices are set higher than on other servers. 

The server has implemented consecutive in-game quest system. You can read more about it here. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing the quest system is about 13 000. Stat points obtained in the quest system; do not burn with the resets, that means, the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes.

Dynamic experience system - reduces players experience as they move on resets. Principle is – the stronger you get, the harder it becomes leveling your character. But at the same time, with each reset together with a decrease in the amount of experience, the amount of received stat-points and bonuses is increased. Therefore, each following reset becomes more desirable and rewarding.
We want to achieve a more equitable distribution of game currency among all players in the server. So every each reset each player receives a small amount of bonuses, and as you move on reset, this amount increases. As a result, absolutely all the players will have access to the main game currency, but in small quantities. This is a great motivating factor for the development of trade between the players, as even beginners with a few dozen resets will be creditworthy and will become potential buyers of your products on the market. 


At Prime x10 implemented a new system Guild Tribute (GT), or a tribute to a guild. This is the main feature of this server, which fully answers the question - what to do after a maximum reset. Guild Tribute allows to increase the strength of your guild and expand its influence on the server. The system involves a number of components - leveling speed, resets, buff strength, chances of earning bonuses and much more.

To perform a Guild Tribute your character must be in the guild, have reset 20 and 400 level. The cost of performing the GT is 20 bonuses, 15 of which immediately recede into the treasury of the castle, no matter which guild owns it. After GT your level will be dropped to 1 and the stats will be given as acquiring 20 reset. Your basic expierience will be x1, and all next tributes will be at the same x1 experience 


With each GT you get:
+1 Guild Tribute Points for your guild for 30 days
+5 Lottery tickets
+1000 free stats (the same as you would buy additional stats in the services)

Guild Tribute Points have expiry date. Every time when you perform a GT with your character, a guild in which you are a member gets 1 GTP for 30 days. For example, if a guild wants to be constantly in a possession of 10 GTP, then within a month its members must perform a total of 10 GT every 30 days. 

A guild can have only 15 GTP in the same time 

How the amount of possessed GTP affects the guild:
1) Each possessed GTP reduces the required level for reset for all guild members, but not less than 250 level.
2) Each possessed GTP reduces reset waiting time by 1 minute for all guild members up to zero.
3) Each possessed GTP increases the overall Guild Power Buff by 200. This is equivalent to an extra player in guild with 200 achievements.


<Some information can be edited in future>


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