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  1. kikeeBK Не перенесли F.O TOWER SHELD +13 I POLAVINA syndyk
  2. ppc gde on togda ? na invetory 100% bill na MG ili elf tam bill 1 lvl plaw na dl 2 wtyk anc 3 wepons F.O TOWER SHELD + bc7 bc6 kyckie ds6 kyckie +kamnn + splinter of armor + bless of guardian kyckie.
  3. A vce shmotkie i jewels utt. kotorie bill v bank ? mnjee full bank bill
  4. kikee7709 Pyctoi syndyk i 2 inventory pyctie! personazhi Smile, Hero + Инвентари laila и Kuurrr c Титана перенесены на Hero и aaavvvdd с Destiny
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