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  1. I apologized. I never said - damn I will block this for a purpose of doing so. I simply walked away. He was mean to me and I used a wrong word which I apologized for. He never apologized to me. That is sad. I agree, next time I will make loads of screen and will report everyone too! What a waste of time!! P.S. Admins should investigate this racism and thats all. Please don't try to turn the tables now just to fakely report me. I apologized for I did. Now waiting the other guy.
  2. What do you mean - argentinian language?? Why you are so offensive??? For the record I am from Latvia not Argentina!
  3. Apologized to you again. Please read it carefully. Let me be clear one more time - "moma" is not mom/mother/mummy... It's just not! P.S. I just won't sit still when somebody accuse me of something that was not my intentions. And on top of that, I was a victim of racism
  4. In-game, around mid-to late afternoon! However, I can also do it here - sorry to block you on the bridge and using word "moma". I was NOT my intentions to be disrespectful towards anyone. I was just defending myself. Have a lovely evening. And how about your apology?
  5. I don't take screenshots of every single move I make in the game. That's a little bit outrageous isn't it? Enjoy the game and be respectful to others! Many thanks.
  6. Thank you! You are a good guy too - you know this I already have apologized to the guy for using that word, but no response... Also, I am waiting his apology for calling me sick white boy....
  7. He call me "sick white boy" which by any means is racism. I accidentally blocked the passage due to call on the door which I had to answer as it was a delivery. I apologized to him for blocking the bridge and then he was racist towards me. Don't try to turn the table now as you are obviously sent by the topic author.. Aren't you? He was racist to me and there is no excuse!!! He is trying to report me for using word "moma" which is not mum/mummy/ mother so why do you even report this? I ask that question to myself as well? he should be banned for racism and this topic should be closed until further investigation by our administration.
  8. Exactly. This is a second time people trying to get me reported for no reason. Funniest part is that this guy was so racist towards me and OF COURSE this is not shown in the image...
  9. Hello Senat representatives! This guy "Awren" killed me and called me white boy which by any means is racist. That was the reason I wrote in the chat - Why so racist? ... Of course, thsi is not seen on the print screen. He also flamed at me but none of that is shown on the image above. I'm writting this using english, because language the screenshot is in english. Couple of weeks ago I received chat ban for no reason as I was provocated and now I CAN'T JUST SIT DOWN QUIETLY as such nonsense is happening for no reason! If you really think this "REC" without exploring the situation in full, I will stop donating and play somewhere else. As I always respect administration, (just ask people around), but if I cant receive that simple respect towards me - the bless days for me will be done.By no means this is a treat, but simple ask for further investigation and that same rules apply to every player - no matter if it's russian or english speaking player. I won't be OK for receiving chat ban again for being simply provocated and receiving racist slang against me. I hope you will investigate this further and if any questions arise, just let me know. I'm always here to help with your procedures. Kind regards Erkils.
  10. ErkilsPuaro

    OLD TheAce

    Mne 10 res, kogda budew online? :)
  11. ErkilsPuaro

    OLD TheAce

    Type-R ,kogda budew online? :)
  12. ErkilsPuaro

    OLD TheAce

    Sveicu jus:) Pozdravlaju, Congratulations my friends:)
  13. ErkilsPuaro

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    Hotju v klan :)) gde gild master? ;
  14. ErkilsPuaro

    OLD TheAce

    2 let nazad ja bil top 2. DL APollon ( vi mozete viditj menja v TDM event video) . Mne bil Paewang set+all,etc.. togda naberju 100 i budu odetj sebja s full :) Ja po rus nemnogo magu. est raidcall toze.
  15. ErkilsPuaro

    OLD TheAce

    Why u laughing?:( i started 8 days ago.
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