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  1. 1. -Iks-2. Jade X103. 4.24. -Insta- | Information | MU Bless Online5.
  2. image.thumb.png.118dd329bdfd9e280cfde75629296f9e.pngon perehodit na drygy silky pomogitee

  3. He changed mind about what I wrote, he didn't follow the rules, he wanted me to deposit the money first, it's weird, don't trust him, thx u can close topic.
  4. 1) Jade2) -Svara-3) I sell 4k PP clear4) I buy Celestial Staff +13 FO for 4k PP clear5) -Sanji-6) i will buy Celestial Staff +13 FO with password for 12 zen, after that i will transfer 4k PP clear to account mrnhi7) Agree
  5. 1) Jade2) -Svara-3) I sell an item for 2300 bonuses to the character Eternal on the Jade server4) I buy an item for 2300 bonuses on the Mega server5) Eternal6) He buy some garbage for 2300 dirty bons after that i buy some garbage for 2300 bons .7) Agree
  6. TheAce Guild Leaders: -XpycT- -Iks- Senate: -MORBIUS- Honorable Members: Naxx XpeHBaM Initial creator and adviser: Type-R Revival of TheAce Guild on the Jade server. Our guild has existed for many years, and at some point we were one of the most influential guilds on the project. But for those who don’t know us, a short description of our qualities: We are guild with strong moral principles, we are trying to be as Honest and Fair as possible. We are not a cruel nasty guild type, so we are not evil to newbies, and we do not kill people without a reason, exclusions are boss hunt, quests and e.t.c. We are not desperate for Players in guild, we only need loyal, honest and conscientious players. We have a strict hierarchy structure, which is supported by very experienced guys in this matter, so peace and order reign in the guild, if you have a problem we will always help you, but if a dispute occurs between members of the guild, it will always be fairly resolved. And also if you make efforts to develop the guild, you will be noticed and promoted. We actively participate in all events of this game, and have extensive experience in this matter. If you would like to join us, contact the guild leaders in the game or write in discord: svara507 ( -Iks- ) piadzinka ( -XpycT- ) And remember - Good Always Wins!
  7. 1. My nickname: -Svara-2. Game server: Jade x10, main server3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.14. Nickname of the offender: -K-A-T-5. Proof: screenshot
  8. i think its over price , u should fix this prices is unreal.
  9. https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=ExlT&serv=server3 Продам ДЛ = 1k pp
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