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  1. I repeat: the administration is only liable for things that were lost through its fault. In the case when the player himself confided in a stranger and gave him one of the things - the administration gives a ban to the offender, but things are returned for pp. Because this is the only way to teach players not to trust anyone in words. If the administration begins to just return things to everyone who gives them out of stupidity, it will not have time for any other work. Even if a person created a similar nickname, even if he said that he is the admin / your gm / neighbor of your brother - ask for proof. Go to Discord, write to the guild, Skype, ask on the forum. The administration will ban the character, but things will be returned only for pp.
  2. It is foolish to blame the administration for committing a stupid act. If in real life a stranger approaches you and introduces himself as a policeman, and then asks you to give him the money - will you believe it? Or ask for some kind of document? We can ban that character, but nothing prevents creating a new one. Therefore, please be vigilant. The administration is only liable for losses that occur through its fault.
  3. Выходные официальные в стране, а не у одного Ивана ;) Завтра будет первый рабочий день на неделе.
  4. Нет такого правила "он мне тоже писал, но не выложил". Нету тела - нету дела. Если Вас начали провоцировать и Вы не сдержались - делайте скриншот для подстраховки. Что бы уйти в бан обоюдно :happy:
  5. Восьмую рульку в студию :fuuu:
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