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  1. 'Best lottery prizes'
  2. Nemozno kak to delat wtobi na servere max 2 opt wmotki? I iz loteriju, wtobi budet +12-13+2opt toz (Wings 2lvl, guns, shields, buffs, boxes)? A to server bez donate, no begaet odeti v +4-5opt wmotki.. A to pomniu igral 10 let nazad servere gde to4no netu donate i vse begali v wmotki 2 opt tolko ot dropa o4en interesno bilo.
  3. Nu da, ppc budet vsem serveram.. King srazu dumaju -60% liudei budet..
  4. Sell Shaned Dark Steel Set+14+28+L+8HDD = offer bons PM!
  5. Glorious Set+11-13+28+L+DD+RATE +RING OFFER PM (BONS OR ITEMS)
  6. Ok, as long as I am safe after buying it for bons - I'm glad can close this.
  7. Hm, played from the first day of server opening, dropping all kind of boxes daily and haven't seen a single item drop or in market as they have on their backs. Not talking about making them +11 (cuz above you can go with bons). It sounds pretty impossible to get a lot of top items with 3-5 opt to make them up to +11. Also, how it is possible, that same people has flame of condors daily more, that you can win chaos castles and chances to get them? ANYWAY, I'm asking about duped items. How to spot them and not to get banned later. Of if I buy it I won't get it?
  8. Yes, and the same DL appeared and teleported 4 guys from (I won't tell the guild) but the IP should get banned with accounts. And yeah, it is one of 'Accidentally pressed ALT+F4 instead of mouse 2 button'. Its really easy to make such a mistake as all the buttons are sooooo close to each other.
  9. I just got a question... I buy a lot of stuff on market and spotted than some of the people has like 1-2 Flame Condors a day.. when drop is like 1/100.. You don't have so many Chaos Castles as they are selling those flames.. also, 100% not from lottery, as it says on the screen - and you dont see those often. Played from the beginning of the x100 server and few months ago - maybe 10-15 people got 4th wings in few days, the same guilds (not a surprise, that the same people got sets +15+3-5opts and top ancient sets +15). Is it with the help of duping or its just black magic? Just surprised, that I barely can level up items +11 without burning them, and I'm not even talking about making 3rd wings (1/4 done).. Maybe I don't know secrets? or I don't have the 'right' friends? Getting back to the main question - is it possible to spot duped items? Or if I will buy something for 1-2k bons and will get ban for duped item - will someone listen for my cries in forum?
  10. TheHope / King A1 - A2 - A3 - A4 - B4 - C4 - C5 - D5 - E5 - F5 -F6
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