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  1. Totem Dragon Wand = Sleepwalker.. Crywolf biggest mobs (big 'Werewolfs' I think, at the back of the map).
  2. Komedia.. Zachem vobwe eta tema esli on igraet vse ravno priwol na BA i srazu piwet 'hello pussies ^^'
  3. Good day, wanted suggest putting ability in game to MUTE other toxic gamers. I know there is '/mute nick' in game, but it is active only till you switch/re-login. I was typing it constantly for the same barking people, but I just got bored. Without it, it's just a toxic environment with some traumatized individuals who try to convey their childhood insecurities or other mental problems. Wouldn't it be a great idea just to give an ability to players to mute unwanted barkers and just property fight 'in-game'? It would save a lot of time for senators/moderators/admins with useless forum topics (which are majority topics in the server) and also 'barkers' would lose interest in to barking nonsense things, which would create a bit more 'healthier' environment to play in. Thank you for the time!
  4. Wuhuu, it worked out! I made a topic with CTR tutorial on youtube of 'how to report all the nonsense and cry in forum' !!!
  5. 1. My nickname: Whisper2. Game server: Empire3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.24. Nickname of offender: -WOW-5. Proof:
  6. Mass fight video as Reload shared in his post? I see you know how that bug work quite well, even with distances and etc
  7. Yes, we are only talking and you are reporting everything. We are just not putting stuff like you do, what is the point of crying I go to only talk further. vid.mp4
  8. And when empire guys does it - it's not a problem fair gameplay
  9. p.s. the same guy did the same few more times. Last september he steal 3k pp from another guy There must be a topic from that guy as well.
  10. Sell Elite horse Glorious Set +11+L+28+2-4opt (nick: GloriousTP) in market Offer PP for all. Offers PM only.
  11. PP received, set sold through the market with password Thanks!
  12. Выставлю на рынок, сразу после подтверждения Сената. Спасибо
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