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  1. You guys encourage players to violate rules because they see can get away with it unpunished. Thank you
  2. Why no rec for him ? I can’t create new report because screenshots are already 3 days old. This way he will get unpunished for same violation
  3. Please clarify the situation of pets... they were before jackpot items, now they don't show anymore in the GROUP lists. So, what are their nature ?
  4. He said first "Я кончаю на могилу твоей матери" Ask him to translate and post whole discussion not only what he wants. It is clearly that he provokes and like a rat reports after 3 days... G: i am the one who gave it to your mouth in aurora H: that's how you were making with the one who gave birth to you, i think H: big pervert G: don't swear my family, fuck off H: then I ejaculate on your mother's grave H: G: and I then fuck your wife H: you have no wife anymore H: she left you because a game G: do you swear on your mother that I don't have ? ..rest is not really relevant. So, who provokes who, rat ? I hope Senate will go REC for both of us.
  5. MZU

    Scammed bons

    Happens to be the 8th or 9th players scammed by same guy, but with different nicknames. It's a pity new players come in merge from another project where have never been scammed and getting fooled by others. I really thought Bless project is different, but obviously it is not.
  6. MZU

    Scammed bons

    1. account name rufuss_m 2. bons server 3. 15.08.2021 22:04 4. After the contractual deal, the other side did not send PP ( https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/61270-сделка-х5000/ and https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/61273-stalkens-acc-413-x5000/ ) 5. 10k bons (+tax) inside account rufuss_m 6. Safemode off 7. I am willing to compensate % of the value
  7. 1) M-Z-U2) https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/61270-сделка-х5000/3) 15.08.2021 22:04 4) I've sent him 10k bons to stalkens account and he didn't send anything back. He should have send me 2800 PP but dissapeared
  8. I sent the bons but didn't receive anything. @-Vindy-
  9. Mainly issues: - market items were not transferred - market slots are way more less than in Aurora (for example I had like 100 slots, and when I renewed all items had like one full page and half of items in market, now I have only 27 slots)
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