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  1. S> Crystall Staff FO +13 PVP ( 2%, 20lvl, 10%, 7speed, life) Leave offer in pp or bon .
  2. 1. Name of the character: Sophetia, Fanizzi, Empire, I win Condor Flame from lottery and put in my storage, now its dissapeard. 2. Origin of lost items: Obtained in game process. (lottery) 3. Date and time of loss: 2:10 spain 4. Condor Flame (Flame of condor) 5. In details about lost items: In my baulth, Storage.
  3. 1) King x100 2) AutoHotKey 3) Trade Mg 92RR 180Q (AutoHotKey) naked 4) Elf 91RR 124Q (BossTrum) naked 5) Idastansss 6) I put in market for 10bon with pass and him put elf too, give pass for discord and deal finish.
  4. I have a bloodreaver+13 FO and have some questions and thinks : - When use Bloodreaver+ancient set i think should be increased Magic Dmg 25% like a two handed staff but not, not increased magic dmg, its an error or bug? - The str to used is 3200 its to much if am EMG (magic MG) 3200 its to much STR this can change? Thanks alot and wait answer
  5. Sell following items, please give me offer in pp or bons to ricardofanizzi#0699 discord or private message. - Crystall Staff FO+15+PVP+SD - Guardian Shield FO+15+PVP+SD - Set Acesi(Eclipse ancient 3 parts)+9+luck
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