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  1. Sense

    Fire Scream Bug?

    Ye good luck with that, having the same for months now. ''Cant be fixed'' from administration...
  2. Sense

    Mana bug

    I can give some donations, if that's the only thing that makes you do some work in here....................................
  3. Sense

    Mana bug

    Admins? Don't be now ignoring bugs.
  4. Sense

    Mana bug

    Hello! I've been playing this game for 10+ years, but its my first time to encounter such bug. Asked around to some people, as expected nobody haven't seen anything like that. Have tried everything i could think of, nothing has worked so far. About a week back I started to notice that every time i turned on clicker on my DL, it immediately started to use mana potions, even tho it was full, at rate of about 5/1sec. As it did that only with clicker on, I thought messing with clicker options (F9) would help, unfortunately it did not. As my mana didn't drop even without potions I just didn't buy any potions and kept playing. Wasnt too much of a problem at first while just lvling. But after some days I noticed another problem, for some reason now I didn't need to turn clicker on for it to happen. Now every time I use fire slash skill, it does the same thing, eats every last mana potion, while not even dropping mana by 1%. While lvling this wasn't such a big deal, now i cant properly go to the endless tower. As I pick up a potion bundle in there, i need to attack only once for them to disappear instantly. Meaning i cant kill bigger bosses, as my stats there are different and don't have endless mana. Haven't seen this on other chars, only DL. DL is Sense 95rr, x100 server Hoping for a solution soon, thanks for reading!
  5. Is it possible to improve the zen monster system? With the current amount of people playing, it seems impossible to get zen for resets. Most of the time its waste of time even trying to look for it... Before they got scattered trough devias, it wasn't that bad besides the afk farming. You kept the same ammount of zen but scattered it trough bigger maps with which you just made it harder for everyone... Possible having any upgrades on that situation?
  6. Wow! We asked for anti afk so its easier to get zen and didn't take so much time. Well, they did half of it while ruining the other. You cant afk to get zen, but at the same time there are less monsters in dungeon at total... Said that there's the same amount of zen but scattered trough 2 maps now, doubling the time to get the same 10kk as before.
  7. Its not about them getting more or less. Its about them limiting the place where to kill the monsters. Most chars who afk there are 20rr+, so they kill them within 3-8seconds. If youre not in that spot when the mob spawn, you wont get it. The problem is that because of them there is only 20% of the dungeon map where you can find a mob standing, as they are farming only at best mob spawn points. And you clearly stated the problem in your response, those or mostly alt chars which are there 24/7, if those were just people trying to get by, it wont be a problem. But when there is 20 alt chars farming every day every minute, it does makes impossible for newbies to use dungeon.
  8. Sense

    Summon Buff EE

    Summoned monsters are not effected by buff. Try putting it manually on, the dmg and def doesn't change.
  9. Kinda hard to mind our own business when afks have taken 80% of zen mob respawn spots. For new people feels impossible to get zen for resets as it can take up to 3 hours to get what you need because of these afk people. Seeing the amount of people playing and the volume of people wanting to spend money in here, have a feeling nothings gonna change until income drops because of this...
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