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  1. If you have a personal life and work, then no. If you can play it almost all day every day non-stop, then you could after 8months be close to the donators. The bless universe is built around donations, so its pretty hard to play at top level without them. So just keep grinding and always remember, money can buy you everything here. :))
  2. They are not 100% random and 100% fixed. There are multiple spots in each map +- where it can spawn, some people just know where they spawn the most.
  3. Most of the updates dont make sense ^^^ Nobody has problems with them, but a while back they spawned like wizards, in specific places.
  4. When enough top people will finish achievment, they will change it to all random spawns like with red dragons. ^^^^
  5. Pay 10 bonuses and disconnect it trough web.
  6. Seit tomer jo vairak naudas ieliec, jo krutaks skaities
  7. Sense

    Bon transfer

    Yea, read that only after i sent them... I saw ''Whom to transfer'' and didnt think any further about exactly what to write...
  8. Sense

    Bon transfer

    Hello. Wanted to transfer bonuses to another account but messed up the part where you need to enter ''who to tranfer''. I wrote in char name not account name as it wasnt said which one to write... Can i get some assistance in this situation? Server King x100 Sent from account wicked1689 to Sense ( wanted to transfer to bullfrog8 not my char name) Thank you for your time.
  9. Daayum you have ruined the ET drops, didnt knew it was that bad.... Candy boxes are mostly useless as the drop from them is ridiculous. If you took out the gradual unlock of the condor, it might help ET situation a little bit, but still the lack of people now makes it impossible to get anything done. As going solo wont even get you a single violet box...
  10. Because of that reason i have stopped going to ET all together, i see that mostly nobody is looking for people to go to ET either, only like 1 time every 2 days. Which means that the only one going are the farmers and people who have 5 char pt. Whats the points of it if most people see no sense of going to it? With all those ''updates'' you have ruined the only fun thing to do besides PvP...
  11. You not only changed condor price 2x but also implimented a system where you have to buy all other rewards first, making it cost around 100k ET points... It seems logical for people who play only mu and dont have a real life work. While people like me, who play only on casual level, cant possibly achieve that many points. Before you could get flame of condor if you went to ET every day for 1 month and was able to get to 200+wave. Now its atleast 3 months + the days you couldnt play....
  12. All they are trying to do is keep the prices high. Everything that had value and was +- easily to be obtained now is ruined. As you can see too many people leaving the servers, money has stopped flowing so regularly.
  13. it only shows that they want pay to win players here, not casual people... money can buy you everything in this comunity
  14. How to destroy chances of getting Flame of Condor, thereby 3rd wings, for casual players in further play. ^^
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