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  1. Sense

    SKills for DK

    They drop from monsters in tarkan2/atlans3 etc. some skills only drop from Star of Sacred Birth which drops either from quests or snowstorm devias from Omega Wing. Happy farming!
  2. Zen drop changes with the exp you recieve. The lower your level is and the more exp you recieve, the more zen monsters drop.
  3. Sense

    Kalima +7 (no drop)

    Yea sometimes that happens, nothing you can do about it.
  4. Show me a DL who can survive pvp with average gear ^^^^ 40% absorb is a random number which has no real effect ingame. Fire scream would be a good skill if it wasnt blocked by everything. ( if you dont play DL - Fire scream can be blocked by allies, enemies etc. you can hit only the closest to you) My suggestion to make DL atleast +- similar to other classes in midgame or PVE, is to add % defense on W2 as any other class has. Without W3 on DL, the char is useless.
  5. The problem is getting to that end game, DL is super weak until you get atleast w3 and 2option+ set. And even then you gonna die from any other class with same level of equipment.
  6. This is the way this server works. You tell some bad words, get some bad words back then go cry in forum. Family friendly cristian server for yall.
  7. I have played almost since opening day, still havent finished even 2nd star for this achievement.
  8. Sense

    Fire Scream bugged?

    Been having the same problem for months now, reset amount and stat distribution doesnt affect a thing. Answer from admins : Cant be fixed.
  9. Sense

    Golden Tantallos

    No, you just need to search better, It can also spawn in tarkan 1
  10. Sense

    real player online

    Those are the alt accs im talking about, most of the time. The limit is supposed to be 3 acc per person, but its not enforced in any way.
  11. Sense

    real player online

    About 50% of people online in each server are alt chars for zen/item farming...
  12. Sense


    ''Returns are possible only with PlayPoints fee'' A message that shortly explains how thing work in here! ^^^
  13. If you have a personal life and work, then no. If you can play it almost all day every day non-stop, then you could after 8months be close to the donators. The bless universe is built around donations, so its pretty hard to play at top level without them. So just keep grinding and always remember, money can buy you everything here. :))
  14. They are not 100% random and 100% fixed. There are multiple spots in each map +- where it can spawn, some people just know where they spawn the most.
  15. Most of the updates dont make sense ^^^ Nobody has problems with them, but a while back they spawned like wizards, in specific places.
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