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  1. jenga

    Quest 211

    Is there any other way? I'm already level 400 with 100 resets. I can't reset again, unless I join a guild.
  2. jenga

    Quest 211

    No worries. I was able to figure this after killing a bunch of those hands and it didn't count. I got some gemstones though. While we're at the quests, how can I enter Land of Trials for the Axe Warriors quest? Quest 212. I've been out the past few weeks and just got back.
  3. jenga

    Quest 211

  4. jenga

    Quest 211

    How do you do the quest? Is there a specific time I can do the quest? Also, I saw a video in Youtube about it. Do I need the Moonstone ring on a specific time to enter correctly?
  5. jenga

    Golden Tantallos

    Oh this can be closed. I found multiple Golden Tantallos over the months.
  6. Heya! So I'm in the Bless server, 100 resets, BK. Most of my stats are in Str and Agi. I don't know, at 100 resets, I think I should be a little more stronger but I'm too weak. Yes, my quest is only 186 but getting 1 hit and only inflicting 500 to 1000 damage? I'm working on getting a better weapon but for now I'm using an Exe Daikata+9 with exe damage. For my set, I'm using a +11 +13 Brave set with DD with some +DSR, +HP, +MP or +Zen items. +12 Pendant with Exe damage, HP recovery and wizardly damage. For rings, I have 2 Kantana rings. Also, I noticed a lot of BM's adding most of their stats in Vitality, why? Wouldn't that be less damage?
  7. jenga

    Golden Tantallos

    Ok, I'm also checking Tarkan 1. I've been searching for a couple of days and not even a glimpse or indicator that it was killed.
  8. jenga

    Golden Tantallos

    Was there any changes with the Golden invasion? I have been out for a few weeks and I noticed the Golden Invasion's time changed a few minutes, did the Golden Tantallos spawn also changed? I searched Tarkan 2 but nothing, not even the Wheel monsters.
  9. jenga

    Client error

    Thanks guys. I already added the game folder before but I guess it got removed somehow. Everything working now.
  10. jenga

    Client error

    I'm getting this error. For some reason it's doing full screen even when my setting is in window mode. I've already redownloaded the game, and reinstalled multiple times but no effect. It was working fine yesterday and I didn't change anything.
  11. Thanks! After I read your messaged I realized the pathway is kinda hidden but I can passthrough the forest.
  12. I'm in the King server. I went to the Statue and paid 5 Cash Points. I got teleported and the NPC told me I need to pay a Jewel of Bless and I guess 100kk. After I clicked it, I lost the 100kk and the Jewel of Bless but I got teleported to Devias. How do I enter Silent Grounds?
  13. Yeah, and here I thought I'm already maxed out.
  14. I thought 100 was the max reset?
  15. jenga

    Chaos Castle

    Is there a way to determine the bomb mob?
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