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  1. jenga

    Login issue

    Yes, the fold was already included in the exclusion. Update: It seems like it fixed itself. I didn't have the same issue in the past 2 days. I didn't change anything after the initial checks.
  2. jenga

    Login issue

    Since I posted this, I haven't connected to the game. Edit: I was able to connect now. However, I'm still having the issue when I try to transfer servers.
  3. jenga

    Login issue

    Has there been any changes today? I'm having a hard time logging in. The game patches, loads up, but after selecting the server nothing happens then disconnected from the server. When I do get in, it doesn't allow me to open up a new account. It freezes when I select the server. Sometimes, no servers even come up. I re-downloaded the game, downloaded the August 14 patched and added. No issues there but it's not solving the login issue. I excepted the Bless folder from Window's defender and allowed the play.exe file in my firewall but nothing.
  4. I actually asked this a few days ago.
  5. I got it now, thanks. How about accessories? What combo should we get? I get defense against poison, lightning and ice but what do magic and ability do?
  6. I'm wondering what's a better option. To help make it let's say the same set Rave and Kantana set vs Excellent plate set. All items +9, Excellent item with Luck and Additional deferense +12. I don't think there's a luck option in Ancient items. What do you think? It's the same with other character class item I think. So what's better? Also, if you pick Excellent item, what options are to look for?
  7. jenga

    Box drops

    I'm wondering if we have a list of items that drops in each type of box.
  8. jenga

    BK weapons

    Another thing. There are several type of rings and pendants. In other servers, there are elements for each characters and skills so I reckon you have to look for the accessory that can defend your character against the other. However, for Bless king server I'm not sure which type of ring and pendant I should get. Assuming I'm looking at Excellent items and not Ancient ones.
  9. jenga

    BK weapons

    What's the computation on the damage for BK weapons? Currently I have an Excellent Daybreak+9 with damage 197-223. How do I compute to check if 2 one-handed swords will be better than my two-handed one, all else equal.
  10. Thanks. I also got the answer yesterday from the other pages.
  11. jenga

    Golden invasions

    Aside from the location displayed, are there other locations? This quest has been forever for me.
  12. Thanks. Also, I tried searching the forum but it seems like the search button doesn't work. Is there a way to transfer Bon from the server back to the website? I was planning to purchase a VIP access and it says I don't have enough bon on the website.
  13. jenga

    Golden invasions

    Thanks. Where can I find the Golden Dragon for Quest #100? Golden invasions only shows Red Dragon and not the golden one. Unless I'm wrong.
  14. jenga

    Zen in storage

    I'm from Bless.
  15. jenga

    Golden invasions

    When do golden Tantalos come out?
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