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  1. Mirines

    Extreme 4.15

    Are you guys taking this dude seriously?
  2. You are literally acting in this Forum comment section. We all used to have that kid in school, who always reminded teacher about homework. You are that kid. Running after attention and doing nothing to prevent these kind of situations. I`m not running away from ban. If there is good reason to do it, then do it. But just so you know, these kind of actions will not grow my respect for you as a person. Keep digging for attention.
  3. Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to know, where you all see 4.2 rek in that screenshot? Does name '' Hitler and Nazi'' counts as verbal abuse, because nothing like that are written in server rules. If you are banning me for the screenshots DajaVu added below the main picture, then let me remind you, that Admins should discuss only max 3 days old screenshots as you can see in post below. Secondly, that ''Hitler'' text was copied directly from her previous post in Forum, and I was just having a laugh, not saying that directly to him/her. Another important thing is, that DajaVu didn`t show us all the screenshot, as you can see, the conversation was already in midway, and you can understand that from my text ''Wto on kurit?''. So maybe next time, you are trying to ban someone, show us all the conversation how you provocate us to do and say things like that. In conclusion I have a question. DajaVu, why you have to be such an ahole? Literally you are the only one that makes mess in this server, even Deep is calmed down right now, and we can finally communicate with him normally. You provocate everyone to say mean words to you, then you don`t show all conversation in screenshot? I want to have an Admin opinion in this one, and I hope that English wont be a problem to our administration. Kind regards, Mirines
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