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  1. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=ENIGMA&serv=server2 Sell>>>>>PP Trade>>>>SM/MG
  2. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=ENIGMA&serv=server2 Sell>>>>>PP Trade>>>>SM/MG
  3. Венгрия - Франция 0:3Португалия - Германия 2:1Испания - Польша 2:1
  4. ENIGMA / Master 18 июня Швеция - Словакия 1:2 Хорватия - Чехия 2:1 Англия - Шотландия 3:0
  5. ENIGMA / Master 17 июня Украина - Северная Македония 3-1 ( не рассчитано ). Дания - Бельгия 0-2 Нидерланды - Австрия 2-2
  6. That note refers to single occasions in different contexts - looking at your reports you can clearly notice that you are do it constantly with a certain purpose. Don't try to look smart, there are people smarter than you.
  7. I've noticed that Sunset likes to throw gas on fire as well - judging by your screenshots, you can clearly see how you provoke people. I have no connection with either of you just trying to set my point of view cause I've seen couple of your reports already and I quote Ivan Nebraska here ''when you call people noobs, kids and post on forum screenshots how they allegedly swearing and offend you - also proves that you are not a piece of cake at all'' So I would suggest you to look after your vocabulary as well. P.S. They both deserve to be sentenced under 4.2 really.
  8. Если честно то он выглядит как копия обычного Блэйда... И еще грэйд у него как у Флэймберж - то есть 2 разные оружья того же грейда звучит как дополнительная и нестоящая работа. Мой совет - забудь
  9. Enigmus

    Quest 211

    You need to join a guild and make a guild tribute in order to reset and go in DS 4 or 5 I don't remember exactly to get those warriors. Alternatively, you could ask castle owner to let you complete the quest in LoT for a tax of course and supervision probably - which is less likely to happen. So go for tribute buddy
  10. ENIGMA x1 Master 14 июня Группа D Шотландия - Чехия 1:0 Группа E: Польша - Словакия 3:1 Группа E: Испания - Швеция 4:0
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