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  1. More stats per level? Possible it can work, of course depends how many stats added. For now these levels help me save few minutes but I don't reach more bosses. It can be some middle solution to make less prizes on first waves/bosses but to help players go 2-3 bosses higher. So some power would be needed to make nice scores and new players can't drop boxes easily. At same time people who play some months (200+ quests) and are more powerfull won't be a victims. Sounds reasonable to me. Points can be also based on resets if someone want to avoid new players massive box drop.
  2. Imagine I was able to kill Hydra boss and get 6 violet from bosses +1 after death. Now I lost possibility to any valuable prize, also I have 11 level of ET but it didn't help me to reach next boss. So it's not ballance at all. To be honest I see no point to go inside this event now, if for 1 violet I need spend 2 hours inside. I can agree than first 2 bosses were free boxes, problems arrived at Death King - at least for new player. Also this complaining people which you mentioned were on another server, any chance to make it in different way on 'old' servers? Masterx1, propably also Destiny. People who are strongest here also used this way to build their sets.
  3. Hi, what is the point of change in boss drop at ET in Master X1? I heard it's because of problems on another server about nonballanced drop for some part of people who use many characters. But we have no such problems on Master and im pretty sure more servers can have simmilar situation. It's not reasonable at all to make such difference for all. Other servers than King ( there is problem?) are victims of this change. It is next step for more monopoly of strongest guild / castle owners, regular players dont have access to BA bosses or CS, have no chance to get some usefull items. Imagine how it is to be regular player on master x1, more than half year BA+CS+KA owned by 1 guild, last month also second guild, but its still like small part of players. Regular people just lost ET, so they have no way to get stronger, it's 100% monopoly now for small group. And boxes for points? 1500 for violet? its like 2-3 days to make 1 violet, come on... it doesn't work. Please think about some changes which are for medium strength players, to let them find some decent drop on their own.
  4. Skurczybyk / Master A3 - B2 A1-C2
  5. No, these 3 was from another event in same week https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/56995-master-quests-18082020/ https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/57033-master-quests-20082020/ 3+4 = 7 Now I've got 4th, still 3x15 missing
  6. 1. Skurczybyk 2. Master x1 3. https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?/topic/56995-master-quests-18082020/
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