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  1. If you having stress problems visit a doctor or stop using computer/internet and ask for some help, thankfully i dont have stress and even if i had i wouldnt solve it by playing games. P.S. try to post something based about the game instead of just POSTING to post...
  2. out of topic. Sharing opinions have nothing to do. If you dont like the game play tetris,pacman,fifa or dont play any game at all do a hobby as u said but stop writing just to write...
  3. Problem also is that admins are not 100% CLEAR about WHAT they are GOING to do. Enough with the theories , provide a clear answer about what is coming up. PS: MEGAS, GORDEX, -HopE- ( NORDS ) let people express their opinion.
  4. Profit? Yes we like low-rate and we play low-rate but why you believe we want a new low-rate server? You really believe everyone have so much time in their life?? Some of users from the master server started playing again from the covid from then till today nobody want to < restart > and exp again from beginning. So players joined the server to play on low rate server admins will take it to high rate and all the work of the users will just go to the bottom even their donations because they dont want to play higher rate server. So what they gonna do? They will just rush to the new server... You are very nice joked..
  5. Lets just wait everyone to share their opinion but perhaps one more lier , of THEIR SIDE will be shown here to remind and say the story : That all the posts are from 1 person....
  6. The real story looks like that : 4 people different sharing their opinion about the server , and other 3-4 people write the same lie that all the posts are from the same person. Conclusion ??? Do i really need to say the basic? Its already very dissapointing watching 3 people writing the same lie. If you wanna live in lies then live but me i have an honor which does not allow me to lie so easy like you do.
  7. As you see their small brain does not allow them to think deeper, further. They cannot understand that some people here are for some time but they never had to post/write anything cause there was no reason. However when we found whats happening we shared our opinion but because we do not speak and understand the russian language it make us not equal for the server. Do i need to remind you that the voting was only in the russian language for the first days?
  8. you have any proof its 1 character who writes from different accounts? Cause i, we can proof you its not 1 guy who writes from different accounts. Shcizophrenia ? Just dont disturb the topic.. You even dont know what to say so you just say that. Find something to say beside lies.
  9. everyone is allowed to tell his opinion, if you get so angry about it drink some milk HOT MILK, wear your pijamas and wait with PATIENCE like everyone did to share their opinion about the situation. Do i need to remind you that you dont play ALONE ON THE SERVER? Make a research check even if the IP`s if you want and you might ( i am saying might , cause there is a clear problem here, i see someone confused , raged and propapbly not so smart ) you miiiight realiaze its not 1 account and not 1 person but different people who just express their feeling about the game that me , you and them play.
  10. Now with x1000 u will be able to reset at devias yetis. Great gameplay eh?
  11. Nice destroy the perfect EXP of the Bless Mu (master server) which is actually the TRUE exp of the gameplay. One of the main reasons i started playing in bless mu (master server) is because of the EXPERIENCE. Beside building your character with clothes it is also amazing leveling him from 0 to max (11 resets) with really really slow exp. What is the meaning of exping your character so fast? Maybe move the server after a while to x9999 also? x1 exp is something UNIQUE. Assuming your database at website in left Master x1 have most of the time double "people" online from Destiny. Still you want to take Master to Destiny? I dont see any logic. If you want so bad to merge it then bring Destiny to Master.
  12. oneiros, today it seems fixed.. I had my additional stats!
  13. I think you are right. I also noticed that I dont have +500 additional stats for each ET level.
  14. "Obsourne" the green guy in devias so as Jerridon and in kanturu core gate after dreadfears dont remember his name belong to the same team. "Chaos Machine"
  15. You can try to "fail" very fast by buying weapons+skill (no need exe) and make them fast hrs(refine) in devias (20% odd for success) (80% to lose) .
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