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  1. Golden budge dragons can give you < fast > zen cause most of the times the box of luck gives you zen. Golden/Silver medals, heart of loves, firecrackers, ( cant remember any other at the moment. ) A good method to collect zen is using a pet (rudolf) , its ability is to collect ( auto-pickup) zen even if you are "afk". However the pet rudolf works as satan, meaning if someone attacks you it can and it will die. Also note that your rudolf can auto-pick up the zen of a specific range-area and you have to make the last hit to the monster so rudolf can collect it.
  2. Yes with ancient set u will kill monsters faster cause their options are for damage aka increase damage + wizardy / increase critical damage / excellent etc. Thats why with the ancient u will deal bigger damage. With the exe set is really complicated. Remember also the combination of set bonus + buff level (achievements)
  3. non reset server would be nice i agree. Also if you wanna try something "harder" i would suggest the server u described but also no items at all in npc shops. No ds tickets, no bc tickets. Not even q/w (heal-mana) potions. Everything must be farmed in the game. However a non reset server is hard but, when character will reach maximum level he have nothing left to do. Maybe if reset were maximum 4-5 but per reset 200-300 stats. I remember in older mu versions 97d+0.99(b+items) there was a way to "code" the level and maximum level was on 1000 and not in 400. Havent worked in any mu client for over than 10 years but i guess its still same way. My point is if a server is non reset even if its uuuuultra slow, after a point people will have maximum level. However if maximum level is coded to 1000 lvl and not 400 i think it will be really really slow. Just an idea.
  4. With ancient set u will kill faster , with excellent set u will survive longer. So actually you need to "build" 2 sets. Ancient to "kill" fast. Excellent to survive longer. About the options this is complicated. Keep in ur mind dd ( damage decrease ) is a MUST option for all characters(elf/bk/sm/dl/mg)
  5. GATE13

    Cannot Install

    Well dont be worried and paranoid for something like this. Many .exe files still show "virus". You will need to unistall the client of Bless Mu, then you have to install it again but first you can set an exception of your antivirus so you wont have this problem again. More information on how to set exceptions in files if u are using avast can be found in the support-website of avast.
  6. After disabling firewall did u try to re-install the full game client from begin? If no, give a try.
  7. He had additional strength/agi from ancient item. Problem solved.
  8. 1) Сервер : X1 Master 2) Ваш ник : AlakAzAM 3) Что конкретно продаю\покупаю : Buy Violet Fenrir 4) Что я получаю от второго лица после продажи\покупки (если вы и есть второе лицо, то что получаете от первого лица) : 1k PP on my zgames account 5) Ник второго лица (если вы и есть второе лицо, то пишите свой ник) : SaveMySoul 6) Как будет совершенна сделка (второе лицо просто должно быть согласно с первым и написать - согласен) : SaveMySoul gives me the fenrir, I add 1k PPs to his zgames account (he says he already has 1k there, so in total there will be 2k).
  9. Zen drops are bigger in happy hour too.
  10. and here is the last proof that osadnik has nothing to do with this. The topic can be closed.
  11. ok so, i talked with osadnik and when he saw that the character was deleted he created the fake Alakazam to occupy it and noone will do that again. As osadnik told me he created that character in his main ACCOUNT. Do not ban osadnik account for any reason. he has nothing to do with this he only created that character TODAY to help me to stop this thief. Do not ban osadnik. I believe the issue is now solved. He cannot create fake Alakazam anymore.
  12. As you can clearly see my member is getting pms from the FAKE nickname he is even asking me in GUILD msg if i pm him and my answer is no reaaron. U can see it. Stop this. I`m kindly requesting it.
  13. but when he is sending pm with the fake nickname he is saying he will come with other character cause if he goes with the fake name which looks like mine they will see he is not in guild ...
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