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  1. For sure but you are not one of them... Make a report instead of crying on my report.
  2. =D You have no connection with me however what you trying to prove here? So you think i start provoking that guy in random way right? Mate, i suggest you to not do that again.. This place is to report people which do not follow game/server rules. Did i violence any rule so far? "When you call people noobs,kids" I really stopped reading after this. Ok, bring admin and tell him Sunset called player noob - kid . Made my day Sir =D
  3. XD , No man we need this kloyn in the server to entertain us with his poor brain . Some people just never grow up, they stay underdeveloped.
  4. 1.My nickname: Sunset 2.Game server : Master 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Nickname of offender:https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Berzloy&serv=server2
  5. 1.My nickname: Sunset 2.Game server : Master 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Berzloy&serv=server2
  6. It is obvious he lagged there. As he already reported , playing from Canada makes his game-play impossible a lot of times. There is no day we played together and he did not lag/disconnected at least once..
  7. After 4-5 hours server is still full of course. We cant even play like we used to. Also , the achievement receive referal reward 25 times sounds very cruel now with 3/5/7 reward system especially when the guys from Destiny closed that achievement with less rewards.
  8. Well , I cant see the easy start for the new players if they cant even log in. Server was full many times even before the merge.
  9. I never saw 1500 players online on master. One of the main reasons people got so many referals is because they do not want to donate ( no benefit for the project ) so they farm their bons by making referals and please dont forget x1 is a project of a slow-motion server. People invest their time to make referals to make bons, to buy items. Not to mention that after the merge there is not enough space to exp referals anymore so whats the point to make it even harder? So i closed this quest by making a lot of referals with 2 resets. 25 rewards on 2 reset characters = 50 resets A new player to close this achievment with the same way will need 75 reset because 1 reward per 3 reset. So he will need 25 more resets than a previous user and with different reset level of course. Also i think on x1000 server i think this achievement was faster.
  10. 4.15. It is forbidden to create characters nicknames with the obscene language or any humiliation words. Was wondering , why the nickname PissOFF is allowed in the server? PissOff is phrase/word which can be translated also as "fuck you". Just saying...
  11. Why you cry?:) You are on topic about your report, you cant control your attitude/rage and you are asking for a duel.. You really are funny MrCrazy but beside funny , you have bad manners. You are whining here so hard trying to proof you were not wrong.. Grow up my boy, life is not only thrashtalking behind a screen. Stop provoking and next time control your rage and your words.
  12. Ban for what? Are you loco? I did not violence any rule 1 year in this server, meanwhile you have been provoking very hard in that case. Anyway i will not discuss with someone who can speak basic english, is capable to write "Greece suck" but when he is at corner reported starts speaking in ru. Waiting administration .. A real man and not a kid would ask apologize. I am not waiting your apologize and i dont need your apologize. You like to use the word "whiner" "cry" etc etc. Its norm, all kids like you who provoke by calling countries , when they realiaze their mistake they go at forums and cry by finding excuses to not ban them. Grow up my boy, life is not only thrashtalking behind a screen.
  13. Our point is not if you were losing and actually you were losing, skyline was 1 and you 2... Anyway now you gonna speak in ru ? Will wait administration to check it. If i was playing -Gavr- or any other character is not ur business plus i`m not refusing it. "Greece suck" is a comment that provokes and please stop trying to find pointless examples. There was no football match and you did not say Greece ftbl team suck. You are not polite and very sneaky with what you write.
  14. 4.1: Incitement of ethnic hatred between the players is forbidden. You provoke by writing "Greece suck" does not matter if you are 12 or 17 years old , you are not polite. About -Gavr- etc i havent denied anything but you see i dont have small attitude like you to speak like that. So as I said you provoke a lot by writing this. PS: Your comment about Ireland or China or Dubai is out of topic. So you fight with someone in the game he is winning you and you will tell him Ireland suck. You yourself are ok with Greeks? Ok come to Greece and tell to Greeks "Greece suck". For the last time you are not polite and you provoke by creating a bad atmosphere.
  15. a whiner ? : DD Ok so if it was the opposite here writing about his country that happens to be same with yours that it suck it would be ok? A whiner xD, you cant control your rage and you speak about my country. 4.1: Incitement of ethnic hatred between the players is forbidden. Explain me what has my country to do with this? You know what word Incitement means?
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