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  1. How is that nonsense? SM is probably the best class in CC with the ability to teleport and kill many mobs. You are just thinking for yourself. Have you ever played as a BK in CC when SM kills most of the mobs and then decide to teleport until the CC ends? You're just being pity because ducrub killed you. I had 380k hp in CC and got killed by you in less than 1 second, but I never complained. A BK with max VIT has 400k hp, removing the HP to 50% makes BK has 200k hp IF HE BUILDS FULL VIT. If a BK wants some damage and doesn't have full VIT, BK would have around 200k hp, 50% of that is 100k hp. You think BK would win anyone with 100k HP? Don't make me laugh. It's sad to see top players that's so closed minded. SM don't take AOE damage like in arena. You have to hover your mouse to SM before SM teleport in order to do some damage. And why don't I see any address about SM teleporting the entire CC and use SD potions?
  2. Ahhh. Found the max VIT SM that can only teleport during CC.
  3. Cool story. Let also cut ELF AGI by 50%, SM ene by 50%, and DL ene by 50%. If you really want a fair CC.
  4. Doesn't look like SM takes damage the in CC the same way in arena. In Arena, BK can twisting slash near SM teleport and do damage, in CC, it doesn't do anything. SM can win pretty easy with proper builds and gears. How is it fair to everyone if SM can just teleporting the entire CC. It's not like they teleport to get a good position to combo. It's max VIT SM running away with teleport.
  5. Can we do something about SM teleporting in CC? I have some suggestions: 1. Delay the teleport skill in CC for 7 seconds. 2. Let SM takes damage while teleporting.
  6. I never heard your complaints when you won all the CC Opyum? Why complain now when you start losing? . If this change goes through, can we also have a delay on SM teleport skill?
  7. Good job. Now you have destroyed the entire BK class because you don't know how to combo BK
  8. Guys, let remove combo from all classes because...I play DL, and DL don't need to use combo to kill people...and if we remove all combo, bk can't touch us. Excellent idea.
  9. Pretty disappointed with all the GM's in this server. It looks like you guys don't even know how to play the game. GM's thought process probably be like: GM1: Hey guys, we add combo to other classes to increase the skip cap. A low geared player with better combo can win a low geared player with bad combo. Also GM1: Hey guys, this 1 P2W noob player can't combo properly with BK, so we have to destroy all classes's Combo to cater the noob players. Let just make all combo useless. Oh, btw, fuck all the BKs because if BK doesn't build HP, BK can't stand against range classes; if BK builds a little damage, BK gets destroyed within 1 second by anyone. GM2: Hey guys, we allow combo clicker because it's not possible to determine who uses combo. Also GM2: Nah, let's ban combo clicker, so we can ban players freely without any rule set. We can't tell if a player uses macro or real skill, let just ban him without giving him a chance to show any proofs. GM3: We advertised that the game doesn't have Xshop, all players must be Play2Win, not Pay2Win. Also GM3: Let's put put all the P2W stuff on the web, so can pretend that the game isn't P2W because we don't have anything on XShop.
  10. Are we watching the same videos? Where's the 8-10 combos per second you spoke of? What if I can show you that I can combo just like the video? 2 in a row is normal, sometimes I can get 3 in row. Do I get any rewards for it? If you're willing to pay me bons to show you some technique, I'll be happy to do it.
  11. Bro. No offense, but you combo sucks.
  12. 1. Name of the character, account and the server, where loss have happened: Normal, Castle Siege, or VIP. Character name: Yololo Server: King Chaos Castle 6 - Main server 2. Origin of lost items: Bought by yourself in Bonuses shop / Bought by someone else in Bonuses shop / obtained in game process. Chaos castle 6 - Main server winner reward : Pink chocolate box 3. Date and time of loss (as accurately as possible, it will accelerate recovery process). Today (the date that this thread is created) at 5:00:00 server time. 4. How items have disappeared. I killed everyone in Chaos castle 6 Main server. However, the server still showed 2/100 until the end of the CC6. Therefore, I did not get my Pink Chocolate box for cc6 reward. 5. In details about lost items: upgrade level, options, and exact place where they were before the loss. CC6 Main server reward: pink chocolate box. 6. Was the Safety Mode is activated? . No. I attached a screenshot and the video of what happened:
  13. MU is a pvp game, the more duel we can do, the better for the game longevity. I understand that free stat clear cost destroy build diversity. Therefore, I think the best way is to allow stat reset with zen. Something along the line of 100-300kk zen.
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