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  1. AND that called i got use to pressing it and if i use macro it would press 1,2, 3
  2. I have proof that i have no Macro on my mouse or my keyboard and my mouse dont have a program
  3. my keyboard is :https://steelseries.com/gaming-keyboards/apex-pro-tkl My mouse : https://finalmouse.com/products/ultralight-2-cape-town?variant=11817137012772 THIS is just me sitting here and practice no CHEAT like Sonate/ GI 25 (DISABLED) XD and Vietnamese (Olympus/Knight) :) and idk how to even set up macro Video FOR PROOF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_2cNlC1J6Y
  4. god bless america u finally understand and fck off my Dck
  5. U MEAN u do some illegal shit and now u change back to own a restaurant, bar and coffee shop. And u don't even know how to spell Coffee XD
  6. did you hold ctrl+ C and Ctrl+ V :trollface: . IF u do ur a actual NOOB and don't ever talk to me again. and you know what i do smart ASS viet cong. I work aat microsoft and i make about $230K a year and i know that people make a lot of money don't flex on other people unless your just trying to be COOL.Unless you do illegal shit. I know that ur lying about ur job just like Yamato trying to talk shit but i found out his facebook he look like some guy smoke weed everyday and he said what he do XD. And not a lot of people work at Nasa get paid 45K euro - 65k euro a month smart head.
  7. HAHA imagine using google translate just to talk to me
  8. First of all check your grammar and then come talk to me smart ass student that use CHEATS and break the RULE :trollface:
  9. IF you come from Facebook in vietnamese community Ur so childish just like those viet cong don't think outside of the box and know what is right and what is wrong. But instead thinking outside of the box you think inside and this is why there's barely and smart people in Viet NAM :trollface: and ur welcome for teaching you how to get SMARTER Viet Cong
  10. no thks smart ass viet cong just like ducruby. Don't make me PULL the trigger on you Viet Cong :)
  11. OR YOU MEAN SELL IT for REAL Money in another website aka third party website :)
  12. THAT'S WHY I hate communism and Viet Nam is one of them SMART HEAD
  13. everyone can get BAN if you buy or sell item with real life MONEY or use CHEATS
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