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  1. 1) Empire x500 2) Mariaaaa 3) I'm selling 1500 clean Bon 4) I'm getting 1000pp on my zGames acc 5) Crong 6) I will give him 1500 Bon then Crong transferring 1000pp on my zGames acc 7) agree
  2. 1) Empire x5002) BackBull3) Selling email + account (achive 142) + SM BlackBull clean char 4) 1k PP on zgames account5) America6) I will give him all my account information and he will give me 1kpp to my account 7) agree
  3. Hi Admin, it's happening now and a long time ago that some players are using AutoClick to do the Achievement 'Killer'. They have here 20 - 30 accounts, about 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer they get 3 stars Achi Killer. Equivalent to 30 bons, with 30 acc they earn 900 bonuses. This number is several times more if they have 300, 3000 accounts. In this video we will see 2 characters named Anh13 - Anh11. On Web Market character Anh15 is selling 500 Bonuses with password, in case his account is blocked he will still get his 500 Bonuses. I think these 3 characters are all 1 player. Please do something Sir, they can buy anything without having to donate.
  4. im Poseidon and i confirm with this deal.
  5. I want to trade Shaned Set = Darkside Adamantine Set. If u want, pm here or discord: BlackJack#1622. Tks !!!
  6. Update: i bought Armor, need to buy Pant and Boots for bonus.
  7. Hi guys, i want to buy Darkside Adamantine Set or Items. Pm me here for Price or discord BlackJack#1622. Thank you !
  8. Buy Cross / Royal Shield FO and Royal / Glorious / Imperial Scepter FO. Pm me here or discord BlackJack#1622. Thank you !
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