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  1. 1. My nickname: MasterDL2. Game server: X100 King3. Which rule clause was violated: Rule 84. Nickname of offender: Paseak 5. Proof:
  2. You guys should remember. there is no fire so no smoke. Dont say vietnamese like this like that while you guys are the same
  3. this guy is suck. He want to change Hellion +300$ to Demon and he paid me 100$ first and then next month he pay me 180 still own me 20$ he does not want to pay. I was trust him to send him Hellion vs W4 cause he said he need w4 and his friend want hellion for 550$. But he cheater, he block me and does not send me anything
  4. 1. My nickname: MasterDL2. Game server: X100 King3. Which rule clause was violated: Rule 84. Nickname of offender: -Gordex- 5. Proof:
  5. vantung123


    Admin ban this guys please, he has marco recorder on his desktop
  6. -MooN- He is jealous, dont be childish. What do you think who you are? You cheating too, I met you many time in CC and you never combo like this video. You even combo faster than ducruby. If admin vote to ban ducruby, I think it is bullshit and we vietnamese community will consider to play this Mu.
  7. vantung123


    You so smart :)) you use set Joker +14 and have no reflect on your items. Where is reflect damege come from man? On your shield with 5% ref?
  8. vantung123


    I am Real. I dont know how can you say hack in this video? if I hack you die in 1s, it is not like that. And I use f7 to combo. Thanks admin
  9. That is a big problems, it take while to get in EndLess
  10. I dont think it is mistake. You hack my friends account and try to sell items. What kind of mistake is that? Where is the proof Ducruby doing real money ingame??
  11. -Mercenary got ban from rule 8 and he still can open his account ok
  12. You should keep your mouth shut too. Remember you got ban by hack other player Account and banned by rule 8??
  13. You should shut your mouth up and working hard to the old national restoration of Viet nam cong hoa ok!
  14. He spent a lots money on this game. Admin should do something for him. At least you should bring his character and items back. He wasnt hacker, it is not his fault. When you dont know so it not your fault. I vote admin bring back his character Ducruby
  15. I looking for Storm Breaker or Demon +12 13 With good prize Dont have to full option but at least 10% 2%
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