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  1. Not the first time: https://vimeo.com/574400332 https://vimeo.com/574401361
  2. Got my Akki set back, thanks to all players who supported
  3. Be careful mates - he is scamming and will contontinue doing it
  4. Server King Player nick: GoGucci Complain: stole Akki set. He is newbie who asked for advice for set. I told him to use ancient sets for start. Offered him to take 400 bon trough web and dont try to buy items for real cahs - its forbidden. Its not expensive one, so I gave him check it out vs mobs - to feel difference. After testing it - he disconected - removed me from discord and dissapeared. MU_17_06.2021_14_01_02.mp4
  5. More and more often there are team deathmatch plays where only 1/3 is active players - and the rest of them are Twin accounts being afk. If You get in such team, where are 1-2 active players and rest of the team is afk - there is no fun playing. Moreover - some of the players enter with secound char EE - everything is ok, if they are in the same team, but if they are splitted in different teams, they have unkillable EE in enemies base, because they stay in the same party. In the resault - one team has less active players and also their ""teammates" who help the other team. I ask admins to fix this situation with many twin accounts entering TDM, and also I suggest delete party when teleported to TDM
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