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  1. Can the stadium map be open to everyone on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday? I think up there pk hunt the boss.
  2. Yes sir. I'm using Viettel's network. I have done like instruction. and as a result no signal from MU bless
  3. all internet problems and my computer is stable. but I can't access the game. please help check. Wish you a good day
  4. im agree. He is transfle 2000pp my acc ( thanhkt06 ) .I will put helion on the market for 600 bon (with pass)
  5. i think internet of domi so lag
  6. Too many changes in such a short time. From the new map to the character's stats. We will have to adapt to that. The best news for me. Thanks. It would be great to have a bonus program on top up for this series of events.
  7. Thanks for the update. Truly the mu bless game team are wonderful people. Always come up with new ideas. With this update my CPU and VGA are taking up a lot of space. So is there a fix to combat this?
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