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  1. Do you sell just set spirit ?

  2. SELLING MY CHAR : Sophetia Quest: 204 Res 98 including: - Spirit set + 15 Luck/dd/rate/ref/(Mana, HP)/op28/+ 8% HDD/// ring magic dd/rate/ref AND dd/rate/mana + pendant of ice + 12 EDR/ Wiz dmg lvl 20 - 3rd wing + 11 Luck Hp7% , crit 2% + bonus : sati iris set + 9 ( free) and 2nd wing + 11 Luck/ignore/mana/AG/ op 28 and ////set sylphid zen ((( if you buy everything)))) DM me on Discord : WhiteSm0ke#5160 or Inbox me
  3. erictr34

    K9Dragon 2.1

    hey, watch your words dude. dont mentioned " all these Olympus guys" are cheats/ hack just because you see it with your eyes. Bring GM in to check every single person with hack/cheats engine detected or whatever it called. If catch who use third party program, go ahead and ban with no options to bail out. If, not everyone using it like you said, you wanna bet with playpoints? In stead of sitting here and spamming on the keyboard, you can go ahead and do more practice. I agreed that there might be some vietnamese even russian or whoever in this game using hack cheats. But i dont like the way you say " all these guys" here. ! just a bit of advice.
  4. erictr34

    K9Dragon 2.1

    Lol, I'm not afraid of anything because if needed I can prove by video that I can do a good combo on my class just because I love PVP in the game. Lots of practice to get there, so.. eh idc what you say. , peace !
  5. always remember, not only you can do combo and fall into a crit dmg combo which can kill enemy in 1 hit.(esp close range combat classes). Sorry no offense but some people just sucks and keep blaming on the others for using hack/cheat.
  6. erictr34

    K9Dragon 2.1

    I see most of people dont even know how a combo works and how to trigger them. I agree it may looks like the guys using cheat, I'm not defending for anyone but MODs have to check and make sure about this situation. Im against comboclicker as well. You cant just blame on a person using cheat just because you havent done enough practice on your char. Read your skills, do more practice and learn how to trigger combo in an easy way. I was also thinking there might be ppl using cheat program in CC but its hard to tell. Check carefully! Thanks
  7. if you say thats macro then you a noob. You need to do more practice.
  8. So you saying only you know how to practice doing combo? I'm in Olympus and I dont like the way you mentioned us like you know 100% for sure we use combo clicker. You think this Mu only you know how to do combo or what? If you want, go duel with me and I will go live for everyone including GM, I will show you how I do my combo without using any third party program. If I can prove it and with Gm's Confirmation after the duel, you gotta donate 10k bon to our Guild for defaming us. You wanna bet? I'm waiting.
  9. 1. My nickname:Sophetia 2. Game server:x100 3. Which point of the rules is violated:4.1 4.2 4. Intruder nickname: (we make a link to the character, as shown in the example ) for example: -SWAG- https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-SWAG-&serv=server1 5. Proof: Attached belowed. PS: Insulting people everytime he loses in Chaos Castle, many others people in my guild also got insulted by him like this.
  10. https://youtu.be/z1a-iGIAJ6g
  11. He using speed hack program only for a bit of a time in Pk and farming Q in Blood Castle then turn off immediately, so by the time the website update, he's no longer using hack program. So that means there is no way to check if the guy is using hack or no, only players know but like the video above showed. We made a video at the time he was using hack program, but then on the web page showed incorrect information. so the question is, How do we know ? and how do we catch the hackers in game ? This guy has been caught using hack speed a couple times by multiple players. but we couldnt make a video because he knows the website is working a bit delay so he taking advantages of that. That why today I decided to made this post. Hopefully Gm will have a solution for this.
  12. so that mean we can never catch people using speed hack ?? the stats matched the video we made at the certain time. I also have another video which i hope can explain what I meant. This guy is using hack when farming mobs in crywolf and in Pk.
  13. what do you mean ?
  14. thats is the point my friend :D how come 5k agi can be that fast!
  15. 1. My nickname: Valak 2. Game server: Kingx100 3. Which point of the rules is violated: 2.2 Speed hack detected 4. Nickname of the offender: -Demon- (we make a link to the character, as shown in the example ) for example: https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-Demon-&serv=server1 5. Proof: Video recorded on 6/11/2020 at 1:52 AM ( included in the video with stats of Agi 5k ) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIaZLWiLqF0 https://youtu.be/z1a-iGIAJ6g
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