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  1. Yah I think I got your point, that's why I said "that is weird". You should have gotten more levels. I can't guess what happened there nor suggest what should be done about that exp. issue you experienced, but maybe others who read this can give their opinion as well. Let's wait and see.
  2. Oh really? That is weird. The lowest reset I tried is 30. Let's say I entered at level 50 (CC1) and come out at around level 90 or even 100+.
  3. As I mentioned in previous post, that's just an "Example" and that's my point, they use high reset characters so that they won't level up that much and stay on the same CC level. I guess that's my own thought when I said "they don't care about exp." because they're already at the top or it's just a clone character for that purpose. I too would do the same for my advantage but realistically speaking, when you look at it, it's really not an advantage anymore 'cause a lot of players do it. Maybe observe the differences in time zones and enter when most are afk. It is unfair for new players but is also playing it smart and it is an advantage for players who are doing it for a while.
  4. Of course the experience reward differs for each player depending on how many resets you/they have. Example, a 98-100 resets player (which is the toughest to gain experience) can enter CC1 multiple times and win but gain only a couple bars of experience. On the other hand a max reset or lower than 98 resets gains more experience thus comes out with more levels added. In regards to clones or "main characters (which I assume are max resets)", they don't really care about exp. so asking if it is fair or not is irrelevant. *This is if I understood your question correctly. Peace!
  5. That sucks bro. I'm sure you'll hear a lot of people say "don't trust anyone you don't know" and stuff like that but regardless, I hope something will be done about this. That set is most likely passed to another account or sold already.
  6. It doesn't because first pic says Level Restrictions for MG and DL. Second pic is Level Restrictions for normal/original characters (BK, Elf and, Wiz). I missed a DS once or twice too because I looked at the first pic for reference after not playing MU for a decade or so. XD
  7. This! ...and if possible, make this twice every 24 hrs since we all have different time zones.
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