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  1. Dear MU BLESS staffs, is there anyone take this problem ? it been 2days already. Please help us slove this inconvenience Thank you, best regards.
  2. Hi admin Please work on this !
  3. Dear BLESS MU Staff, I'm currently playing on [KING x 100] Character name: -MochA- Joined this 5-AM Chaos Castle ( CC ). The problem about someone tried to bug invisible-untouchable or else kind of bug i don't know. That i have been killed 44 mobs and 1 player but still admit to lose as in this attachment I have recorded by videos bellow. CHECKING SURROUND. main 2020-07-29 09-10-35-780.mp4 main 2020-07-29 09-10-35-780.mp4
  4. Check inbox and reply me on discord Mocha2k6#8063
  5. Rektt

    Mana bug

    LOL , Goodluck bro. There was someone found solution for this problem about change his point build. But i'm miss that thread already in local facebook Group.
  6. Hi there, want to sell - GRAND VIPER +12 + LUCK + Rate10% + 28Op + Speed7 + Mana + Life - PLATINA STAFF + 12 + LUCK + Rate10% + 28Op + Speed7 + 2%Wizd + Mana + 20dmg/lv Sell in to bon. Offer inbox.
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