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  1. I think you need to have the last hit on the mob for your rudolph to pickup the zen? Maybe thats why your EE is not getting zen as shes buffing not attacking? Could be wrong idk
  2. Snowstorm devias is the one with the portal on the left side, its essentially just another devias, but there are different mobs , i dont remember the names, but they give 3mil, 1.5mil, 700k and random golden budge dragons as well. I used my Elf around the 7th or 8th rr, I started using her to go to snowstorm devias, My SM was too weak until I was like 14rr+ish if im not wrong. I just recreate chars and farm chaos and zen from the quest at the early stages cause it was faster when the rr were cheaper. Honestly right now im at 30rr and i need like 180kk for a rr, I still use the method of farming chaos and selling for zen hahaha. Its better then the snowstorm and rudolph method right now for me. I usually start farming when im leveling up on my SM so when i reach the level to rr I would have like 10chaos ready to sell for 100kk for my rr.
  3. If you can, you go to snowstorm devias and hunt the mobs, to get a rudolph i used the X button shop cause i completed quests and voted free so i earned abit of cash points to buy a rudolph but i couldnt really use rudolph when i was low rr cause the dude kept taking damage i believe cause of my low agility and so it died very quickly lol. Snowstorm devias was better option when u really wanna rr quickly. I also just recreate a few chars and do quests so i can get quick zen and like chaos for blood castle
  4. I use ancient set for mobs and excellent set for pvp, not sure what options suite well tho, i use dd+max mana for my sm
  5. Hello, I have this gorgon staff that i've been pretty much using since the very start of the game. I dont know why but all of a sudden, I cant equip it anymore? I have the correct requirements too. Its my only staff, i got it from the quest I believe, do help me fix the bug please, thank you! My character name is DocStrange Lemme know if you require more info, thank you! EDIT: The staff i will be leaving it in my inventory, its a gorgon staff+0 EDIT: The staff can be equipped by my MG on another account, somehow still cant be equipped by my SM? I do have the correct strength requirements to equip it. EDIT: Problem solved Some kind soul helped me, stats wasnt correct cause of ancient set , you may close this read.
  6. I would love free reset but im guessing thats never gonna happen though its a private server. But bonus is hard to earn so yeah, would be better if it were zen cost...
  7. I also just started again, so my info could be wrong but.. +7 till +9 can be done by using a jewel of soul on it, and if im not wrong when it gets to +10 , +11 ... etc till +13, thats when u gotta bring it to chaos goblin and use the soul and chaos i believe?
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