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  1. 1) King x100 2) -Lucifer- 3) trade 1800 bons clean for my 850pp 4) 1800 bons clean 5) Champion 6)I donate 850pp to his zgames acc rbrinzila and then he buy item for 1800bons + tax
  2. 30s is way too little to be counted as AFK, which is literally 2.5% of the 20min event. Answer the door: quit or get banned, go to washroom: quit or get banned, go to smoke: quit or get banned. I've played many many games before and none of it have 30s idle ban(eg LoL, dota, valorant,csgo afk time is 5min, name every game). In addition to that, 7 days ban is way way too severe for 30s afk. The minimum time to get banned should be at least 2min - 1/10 of the event. I’m pretty sure that even 2min afk still negligible.
  3. No one was even trying to attack me, gordex killed me once because he caught me off guard with my f10 turn of. They all know my elf is so strong that its not worth their time to try to kill me as you can see in video, no one tried to attack me even when im surounded. In addition to that, i havent finished achievement 1000 death in TDM so its totally not worth for me to try to survive
  4. Im the elf and this is so unfair. As the elf, i have to stand in 1 spot give Sd buff to my team(and its the same with everyother EE), the more I move the less Sd i give to my team and no one is attacking me so why would I have to move around to give less buff to my team ?
  5. Well -OG- log will be really interesting for sure LOL
  6. I think move back 1hour should be fine, kcore, asteroth at 19:00 and CS at 18:00 is literally a switch with Destiny server
  7. prozet, you are too childish
  8. Stop abusing the 3.1 rule. He's literally afk to switch account and you report him for that ? WTF ? Now ppl cant fking swtch account at all ?
  9. what do you mean ? Why are you so sure of that ? And do you realise that is a switch not the alt f4 ? Learn before you start mocking others
  10. what do you mean ? so people can't select wrong char and re-select another one ? stop abusing the 3.1 rule
  11. 1. My nickname:-MochA-2. Game server:King3. Which rule clause was violated:4.2 4.3 4.64. Nickname of offender: 400kg https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=400kg&serv=server1 https://ibb.co/hCMZmyc https://ibb.co/y6qhKkp
  12. minh1937


    But you didn't say that, you literally said "You are more retarded pussy lier" . Is it obscene language ? Is "Ferran online" obscene language ?
  13. minh1937


    As ZLO said before, that is indirect, I didn't say "ferran is a monkey" i said "ferran online", unlike you who just straight up use obscene language. Whats wrong with saying "Ferran online" ?
  14. minh1937


    My gosh, learn proper English before you type. And the last time, you was banned for rule 4.3, not 4.2 by saying me a pig. Like srsly you are so patheic.
  15. minh1937


    1. My nickname:minh19372. Game server:King3. Which rule clause was violated:4.24. Nickname of offender: Ferran https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Ferran&serv=server1 https://ibb.co/2qd0bcn This is his second time
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