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  1. lol still thinking and crying about me? admin just fyi. he was provoking others & I, calling for them to commit suicide and harassing others in game.
  2. it's really not that hard my guy, then again if you're recording a potato with a potato. I can understand if most things are hard for you. Let alone a well timed combo
  3. it's not that hard to execute a properly timed combo lol
  4. sIayer

    DD cap

    is damage deduction capped at 60% max here?
  5. sIayer

    attack speed

    the attack speed for certain skills on bm seems much lower than others. is this intentional? is anyone able to execute 3-5+ combos / second?
  6. "DK: STR * 1.3 + ENE * 0.0 + MaxHP / 55" so energy a factor or? it is x 0
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