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  1. Hello! Wrote in ERROR topic- 0 resnponses from admins. Be so kind and import my achievements from LUXOR server not from KING server, I understand in King was 1 achievement point more,but i would like to use achiev. from LUXOR!! Is it so hard to do- despite you are doing merge..? Account- pengu
  2. thanks for the great answer, 24hours and still cant do a thing.
  3. Well,then i would choose to use achievements from Luxor, not going to try again 1kkk orcs or sit in Kalima for days....
  4. 1. Login of your account:pengu2. Describe the problem: Well, 100 bon web didnt came to Bless server, also same situation with achievements, basically nothing came to this server, what i had before got same as the moment. If will notice something more- will write, but these 2 things didnt came. EDITED: i can sell only 1 item in shop? Like in total... only 1 item? if Want more- need to buy 5 slots for 80 bons...???
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