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  1. Oohh ok, good to know. What do you mean by "slightly restricted"? Less damage? More defense? Also can you refer me to a list of pvp and non-pvp maps or link with info about it? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, On 10/sept I was farming in Aida server King-13 and was killed by CucXaBong this seems odd to me because AFAIK that is a non-pvp server. Is this an error or something normal or hacking? Pls have a look into it GM.
  3. Hey admin, just wanted to say thank you for adding item's details to the market. It makes it much easier to decide if the item is worth now that we can see all option.
  4. laayuda

    GM quests

    Awesome. Thanks for the info.
  5. laayuda

    GM quests

    I participated in the quests where the GM write a few letters and we have to guess the name of the item. I won 1 round and understand that I won 15 bons, then I want to know how do I get those bons? GM pls help me with this. Thanks
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