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  1. Ohh guys I just saw the "problem" I turn off the "Vivid colors" and the top vision line on Windowed is improved, so anyway can u check this? Here the screenshot with "Vivid colors off"
  2. Hey guys I just saw how the top line on the screen in "Windowed mode" is bad and hide the interface of coordinates and the entire top vision line that happen on resolution 1360x768 by default on my pc, I have tried others res but its looks worse, so u can fix this on that resolution? Thanks!
  3. Ivan Coinbase is not allowed in my country (South America) that service is not allowed in a lot of countries, enable Binance is not that hard
  4. Ohh no dude, macrofarmers cant farming with 20 char and they will cray cray, Ivan love bots
  5. Hey Ivan why not USDT allowed? Binance don't work for u? that will be nice for some people who work with this assets
  6. ReduceMemory I really do not know, DisableGlowEffect this if I think it is the same effect that is reduced by default, so it is not modified
  7. Hello, how would I like to make a suggestion regarding the graphics options that can improve the performance of the game for some users with low-resource PCs, I tried these changes on another server where I learned to modify these simple graphic options without damaging the aesthetics of the game too much. game, it is only about turning off the dynamic efect lighting of the mapping such as "fire, campfires, torches" as well as those of the skills that greatly overload the graphic performance, the options left them below as they were noted in a note: DisableStaticEffect = 1 DisableDynamicEffect = 1 DisableSkillEffect = 1 DisableGlowEffect = 0 ReduceMemory = 1 I do not know if I have implied, I hope that the developers can get the idea and thus apply these changes in the client so that users can play with the highest performance without spoiling the aesthetics of the game as some modifications do "anti-lag " thanks for attention.
  8. xeliezerx


    Players don't need lottery, sv OWNERS yes
  9. Hey what happened with the "less skill animation" option? u can put that on the new client? it Is very necessary to reduce lag
  10. But we are not talking about a new server with new accounts, we are talking about the servers that were active while the achievement was achieved with another much simpler method, of which many players took advantage of this method but now it is not available to everyone... U can understand?
  11. thats the point GENIUS!
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