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  1. trkarry


    vnquatinh disrespect all time little people... nice guy need friends?¿
  2. trkarry


    no cross line? you call rat beratta, you did me begged you and ist false... nice guy only invent
  3. trkarry


    guys its ok ban ferran np but no look all conversation? call rat beratta and disrespect me, its new topic call rat? its possible?
  4. trkarry


    need use 2 acc for disrespect nice guy
  5. trkarry


    me begged you?noob hahahahahahahha try again
  6. hahahahaha and where is the infraction? only call you noob hahahahahaha read rules its possible call noob..
  7. Hello, it's a lie that slayer told you, I killed him with 1 combo in ba and he got pissed off because he thinks he is pro ... and I take it with me insulting in another language so that he does not understand it, can that be?
  8. all invasions golden in tarkan or tarkan 2
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