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  1. poletti

    Guild Task

    Dijo que "porsupuesto amigo, nosotros no sabemos que pasa. Lo reportamos, pero nadie nos respondio? somos buena gente, jugamos este juego, iznogoud admin porfavor arregla el problema" o algo asi, todo en un muy mal ingles. Creo que te esta queriendo delirar
  2. vnquantin has already gone from shameful to sad, provoking people all the time just to report them
  3. poletti


    seguis sin dar en el clavo, jajajajaj. Nadie es tu fanatico, solo entro al foro para reirme de la gente a la que banean.
  4. poletti


    Siempre le llega la hora a los tontitos como vos
  5. poletti


    No, no soy el pajillon, nomas me rio de como te cabio el ban jajajajaj
  6. poletti


    Te banearon por insultar a la mama del pajillon
  7. NAMELESS Guild, looking for alliance. We are a very active Spanish-speaking guild. Most of our members speak English. We have a discord channel for our own guild and we are well organized. Any interest contact me
  8. Ohh, I see. I wanted to know what the chances of dropping are of Flame From CC box
  9. Is there any post with the information of the % drop of items in the different boxes?
  10. So in which cases would 2.2 rule apply and in which 8? In cheat engine the user has to open the process he wants to modify, is it impossible to check that?
  11. @Ivan Nebraska Sorry, but I still have no answer. Is it possible to review the case? sorry for the inconvenience, thank you very much.
  12. (I am posting this on behalf of a guild partner since he cannot enter the forum) Account: knuu Nickname: TrickTrack Today while playing in the sv king I was kicked and blocked. I saw on the forum that the reason was that I was using Cheat engine.The point is that I never used this program on the mu server. I use them to speed up an old sega emulator and didn't realize I had the mu client in the background since I had used the f12 function. You can check that it does not alter or use the program on your server. I am thankful for any kind of help
  13. I just finished talking to this guy and is the same person.
  14. I just finished talking to this guy and is the same person
  15. I saw a player named Danger selling the same set anc with the same opt and level https://gyazo.com/c2aba90d80508805d59c5d835635d6f7
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