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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha dont be mad. People are looking at you, little baby crying.
  2. As i said, dream more abt me as nightmare. It could make your life better or feeling more pussy
  3. For your information. "Ngu" meaning sleep, we can't write "Ngủ" ingame, it will appear error on game font.
  4. + This balance made CS is so boring, only have 1 option on character stats making... All tank is unbreakable...
  5. Sorry for tagging you , Sirs. @BeL4eNaK@Ivan Nebraska
  6. Dear Administrators, Understand you created guest mode for guest users can login and play with disable some functions. After few days using guest mode, i would like to offer more on this mode as below: - Disable function "Using bonuses to buy lottery" or any function can using bonuses of main account. - Disable function "Disconnect account" - Disable function "Using Endless Tower points to exchange boxes" These functions actually not "guest". And 1 more thing, please enable the Zen Trade in game. Thanks in advance.
  7. I only saw you talking about that event on screenshots. Is that you got obsessive-compulsive disorder? If you really got depression issue, so we totally understand.
  8. Dont know who is kid and who is gentlemen here. All server know is started insulting )))))) once again, keep crying could make you stronger on keyboard skill
  9. So how about the word "LOH" did you gave us? Trash boy )))) even the report video, still have LOH )))) dont cry
  10. Still ngu even all classes ))))))))))
  11. Order for only horse stomp and dont know how to combo? )))))))))
  12. Guccingu farming not fighting
  13. Now stupid thing still try to dont understand what Beamer explained. In short for your little brain. He already registered a new combo at 13:26:44 with 3 skills and 2 skills Fire Blast (the skill which running slow to enemy) + Electric spike (The skill which no need to target into person to finish combo) was not show in logs because that SM already dead after received dmg from combo by last skill Fire burst (He sent the Logs of Dominator showed the same thing above) Finally, the combo shot to kill the SM is not the combo charged from 13:26:31. Idiot.
  14. SNUFF community - Cheating, Banned from Anticheat, Trash Talking, Insulting, Losing ingame, Dirty Playing by Crying, Rude talking in forum even with Administrators. Well done.
  15. Such a useless person in x30
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