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  1. Sorry my bed england I cant find me in Prison yard I see similar cases being handled: For those, who didn't abuse cheats, ban was changed from permanent rule 8 to 2.2 for 1 month. What is the rule in my case?
  2. Thank you for checking, no hope to leave prison Sorry for opening the cheat engine, but I haven't affected the game yet P/s: Rows about: agility modified. I think about bug after go Endless tower
  3. Dear MU bless staff Im ccWhite, who has been banned from staff with reason "Used cheats" Acctually, i did not use any hack Maybe i went to the internet cafe and used a user's computer before using any hacking software (just my guess) This MU is the game i really want to play for long and this ban makes me very sad Hope you let me bail. I will attention when using public computer
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