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  1. What does 4.3 rec mean??
  2. 1. My nickname: SuperONE2. Game server: KING x1003. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 & 4.34. Nickname of offender: TRAKYALI5. Proof: Screenshot attached Waiting for your response on the matter, thank you in advance.
  3. We worked it out with Cospri and it was just a joke from his side for him (so no need to do anything). We're good
  4. On behalf of my Guild Master and friend SuperONE we are accusing Cospri of bodyshaming talk. 1. My nickname: yolo4202. Game server: King3. Which rule clause was violated: bodyshaming - racist speech4. Nickname of offender: Cospri 5. Proof in attached file
  5. The fact that you're also speaking at Russian makes you even worse dude, but I won't play your little game because facts are facts. Also the fact that one "dude" that is called a thief happens to be on our guild doesn't mean absolutely anything or has to do nothing with me my guildmates. If he gets punished for thievery he will be disbanded from the guild as well! As far as I know he's a new player and we're recruiting new players so that's that. But yeah "twist the facts" huh is so like our "guild"?? So now, you're literally questioning around 13 members. Ok, next time I (speaking for myself) but also WE, won't be that careless with my/our actions, next time screenshot is ON and also record is ON and it won't be just from our guild - trust me you've made a lot of people frustrated with your attitude, it's not just us or "our guild". Have a wonderful night, "angel".
  6. Thank you very much for the detailed information -Z-L-O- . Now that I'm aware of the rules I won't be a problem anymore, appreciate it, as for Cospri, well time will tell
  7. Hello there, I'm yolo420. First of all I would like to say that I got really dissapointed that I got blocked from that dude cause he's literally a pain in the ass to many members of your server. Secondary, this Cospri dude SWORE first at Dungeon - that's why I was swearing back at him, but he had the audacity to do that on purpose in order to take screenshots and make a forum complaint so I can get blocked without me knowing that this is actually a thing ( well yes I haven't read the rules ). Now I have 2 questions regarding the issue. 1. How much time do I need to stay "blocked" - especially now that I wasn't actually aware and that whole thing was literally a "scam" by his side for punishment (I haven't kept screenshots as well of his behavior - he's not an angel, literally and I will prove that). 2. Can I manage people to upvote the situtation from various guilds? Because he definitely deserves to get a block as well for his behavior in many circumstances but ALL I ever saw inside the forum so far is him complaining about many others.. and yes well you have to guess why - not everyone is in for his mood or his behavior in general. Thank you in advance, yolo420.
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